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  1. I think this is a much needed feature!!
  2. Hey everyone! In-Game Name: DeluxkrakaFavorite Hero: SquireOther Games You Play: Starbound, Elite Dangerous, Smite, Warlocks VS Shadows, and Rocket League.
  3. Those are some pretty cool ideas. So basically like emotes that a player can do.
  4. You could make a little money selling unopened pet reagents. They are worth more than eggs and opened pet reagents.
  5. Thanks for this. Posted on facebook for all my gamer friends can get it. haha
  6. Congrats! That's some serious gameplay. lol
  7. I agree with that this game has great potential. I'm also happy to see that Trendy is actively trying to make their game better every week. Can't wait to play the full product at the end. Maybe then I'll be able to persuade my friends to play. haha
  8. Haha...I can imagine this to be like Carmen from South Park.
  9. Something that I noticed about picking the money reward is that you don't get that much, like around 250. Picking the egg is worth more since each egg sells for 500ea. Anyone else notice that or is it just me?
  10. I'm curious as well to find that out. I wonder if the "gold" pets are best???
  11. That would a nice feature.
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