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  1. Item check much appreciated <3 picture
  2. 50 Cubes (previous offer + 5 Cubes) you might want to add a rule to overbid by more then just a Cube so offers go higher.
  3. So, i´ve been trying to log into the forums the past days, without any success. Everytime i klick to use my old (this current one) account, i cant click further as in the following screenshots: Screen 1 Screen 2 For those wondering, i am currently logging in via Steam webbrowser (which obviously isnt that nice). Beforehand: Yes, i do have the newest version of flash player (even if i doubt it would be the reason) and yes, i did try multiple browsers: Chome (standart), edge, firefox. Thanks for any sollutions :D
  4. Hello Everyone! :D 45 CV, consisting of... 2 dubblecaps (30)1 onecap (10)1 noncap (5)What do you vallue (if you value) ... Queen GeorgiaSpearmintWar BonnetMr. SkellyGolden roost
  5. The title says anything. I am willing to buy it for 22 Cv. Payment in either Cubes or Diamonds (5/10/15), 2cap Diamonds might be upgraded (not forged tho). If you want to sell one, just write here or via Steam.
  6. Remember to add a sentense like "any bids in the last 24 hours will extend the enddate of this auction", so snipers wont lowball it :)
  7. 70 CV, devided in: 15 Cubes3 2 Cap Diamonds1 Non Cap Diamond30 Coals
  8. So, the usual stuff. Do you accept Diamonds (5,10,15?), Coals? Do you accept Event Items? Looking for anything in particular? If you do happen to accept Event items, please look up for me your prices for the Items of this Screen. 15 Cubes to start, assuming this passes Itemcheck.
  9. Simply ignore those threads. Also this belongs into ... the development section. Or maybe the General Discussion.
  10. You can download the map on open and simply replay it. You will not receive any of the Eventprices tho, as -like you said- missed those. Simply grab some friends and there you go.
  11. Dont Jump. Stick to the Walls. if you receive too much damage, think about changing gear and Charackters. For Bossrush goes the same as for Skycity and, if you ever do it, for Crystalline Dimension: Try, try, try... and die. And Maybe succeed. Sometimes x) . Dont Nerv Bossrush.
  12. You are missing the point here. In many other games skins are only visually improovements(?). But not in Dungeon Defenders- your stats are also affected by the skin you choose (Yes, not every Skin is affecting the stats). If you want every map playable with every skin (by the way- i can easily show you, how you can jump onto the ship with the tavernkeeper skinn for barb), you sould not ask for making a map easier but to make it possible to change the skin opportunities. Most people play the Tavernkeeper (Ultimate Defender) Barb Skinn on the Barbary, because it gives that much hp, just like the
  13. If you want to know if a item is modded for sure, you sould post it in the ic section (Trading-> Itemcheck). Heres a Link
  14. Yes, so the title says everything. If you are thinking about not having your old but gold Manamaster lying around in the quarters, you came to the right place. I tought that i would love to buy a Manamaster for 25 Cubes value, payable in Diamonds and Cubes. I think it is needless to say that the Manamaster needs to be traced. Before consider if your name is Masterplays, as he was banned from all of my threads quite some time ago.
  15. If you are a good builder, you can take ogres aggro management to your advantage. If Ogres happen to hit the crystal its most likely simply the fact that you build defenses too close to the core. Defenses nearby (especially Defenses who shoot at the Ogres) take aggro and Ogres will try walking to them on their way of destruction. Therefore a suggestion could be to talk about Ogres pathing, since they often end up walking against the core. Dont get me wrong here: Ogres can and will damage the Core if there are no defenses nearby, so... No Problem, your latest suggestion about them hitting the c
  16. Dont remove the Ogre- Core dmg.
  17. I somehow doubt this will count as he is not accepting Cubes and only ult & sup armor sets.
  18. So, ill start you off on the chainhands with... 1cap (Green, so sould be 10 cv) 2cap (Propably counts as white; so sould be 15 cv) 25cv Do you also accept raw cubes?
  19. Pristine ++ -> 10 Cubes to start you.
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