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  1. no crit makes you do more damage in 1 hit when you hit that % chance but speed makes you attack faster its not i hate change i like all the changes exept that 1 thats what forums are for changeing a stat like this should be put up to a vote thats why they say we help make the game
  2. no some people chose the like me a crap ton of towers and sword slashing to make it and the gyser strategy is a strategy thats what a tower defense game is about it requires more then 1 class are more then 1 player team work thats why all the tower have a diffrent use combine them togather to make them better enemys are going to get so much harder that what looks op now will be childs play when you get higher
  3. then just fix it up not get rid of it and the gyser towers being like that is a way of fighting makeing it your own makeing every one play the same way is going to make it boring
  4. that sucks its going to become boring if there is only 1 way to play
  5. why are they takeing away the speed stat on towers and makeing it passive all of my towers are based on speed it how i like to play
  6. i was wondering are you realy geting rid of the speed stat and if dont ples
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