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  1. LOL..personaly i'm not a steam fan..the only reason i have an account is for this game. I refused to buy skyrim because it required steam. What is this, 2005?
  2. Dungeon Defenders is the worst game ever. if you are trying to study.
  3. In 7.12c, they're being reduced by about 50% of the increase from 7.11 to 7.12 (so midway between those two). That should launch later tonight. The 7.12c value is then here to stay. -Jer 5 stars
  4. laundered money items from infinite mana exploit?
  5. 200k+ hunter - imp/hunt guard/app guard/monk guard steamid: charmangler
  6. The loss of 25 aura radius or range at 150 is almost invisible compared to that same loss at 100 or 75. Your towers might lose .2 meter range, and your auras shrink by .1 meters at those high stat levels (hell, at 160 aura radius, going from from baseline aura to fully upgraded my aura radius increase by about 0.5 meters from the increase of 80 tower radius, similarly my FB towers only gain about 1 meter fully upgraded). The point being, the flatter the curve gets, the less valuable each point becomes. I doubt at 300 radius you'd even notice the loss of 50. Thats what im saying.. the cur
  7. Radius starts having huge diminishing returns after ~100. It's not a problem. this is incorrect. all stat values have essentially the same increase from 900 to 901 as they do from 100 to 101. only hero speed has a cap/significant DR. source: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?30110-Graphical-Stat-Ramps-for-stat-planning-in-one-place.
  8. Been having a lot of trouble.. It'd be awesome if someone could show me a good layout, in game if possible. I'll be on for a little while, thanks in advance! steamid: charmangler
  9. i agree that raw numbers would be more useful, but just based on the graphs it looks like the diminishing returns are pretty generous. no "soft caps" or DR cliffs. no reason to not just keep pumping useful stats besides run speed. thats great news.
  10. That is the way it appears. All classes have a base speed stat, so a squire with 99 speed is not as fast as a huntress with 99 speed, just because his baseline is lower. But over 99, it flattens out to a max running speed for that class. brb respeccing
  11. so is this saying that speed over 99 is useless? so 100 player points in speed makes all gear points in speed have zero value? correct? do you find any evidence in the code of player points being "worth more" than equipment points? someone was claiming that in another thread
  12. have an empty game want hunter, hunter, and repairbot app if possible post stats and steamID
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