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  1. Thank you for the reply. I have edited my post.
  2. Hello, I would like to buy a Ember Scepter which can reach 65k+ Base damage. Could someone sell me his, her or it's Ember Scepter. Thank you in advance!
  3. Purchased three paid runs to unlock achievements. A++ Seller! Will come back again!
  4. Hello Everybody! I'm looking for 4 Tower Masks and 4 Tower Bracers with 2xx stats or higher. Post your items and what you think it is worth. thanks in advance :)
  5. Thanks for all the runs so far, Sky o Love is left!! :D Who is up for it, name your price
  6. Dear players, I'm looking for someone or a group that will do some runs to get some achievements done for me. I'll be paying your price if it seems fair. Now on to the achievements: Playin' Mythical Cupid You played matchmaker for the gender mobs on the Sky O' Love challenge, and defeated Mega Cupid... on Nightmare! rmy to win the 'War of the Djinn' Challenge... on Nightmare!
  7. Masuary

    Item Check Thread

    Ahh i recognise the name, the person who adds ya on steam and tells you the price in real life money..... Lol I always liked to annoy that person and ball their shop. Now they remember my name and kick me :( Hacked or not... its a paypal shop. Just noticed they are deffo hacked. Im no item checker... but the quality tag is wrong! Obvious nooby hacker mistake. BANHAMMER! :D haha
  8. Masuary

    Item Check Thread

    Any idea if this is legit gear ? saw this in wwwkaoty 's shop
  9. Dear Community, I'm trying to find someone willing to help a fellow defender with getting this achievement. I'm currently not that rich so I was wondering if someone would help me with this without or just a small payment. If you wanna help me... Add me on steam: Masuary Already thanks and have a nice day! :squire:
  10. Masuary

    Item Check Thread

    @Masuary Pawn is hacked @nastyman ++ Glad hacked @Near Insane sup roll but turns out possible. @Squall That is possibly one of the most obviously hacker made sets I have seen. I would avoid it and whoever is selling it like the plague. Thanks for the Item check, Sigh :P
  11. Masuary

    Item Check Thread

    Possible as long as its not supreme or below. Also is there another digit in its main damage or not? It's Ultimate++ and 206k Damage
  12. Dear Community & Staff I was trying to get back to playing Dungeon Defenders but sadly am unable to do this... Reason is.. The game stutters as you can see in the video > HERE < The stuttering you see there is the stuttering I should be playing with if I can't find a fix for this. The things I have tried to do: - Reinstalled Nvidia Twice, Once an older version from half a year ago, after this the newest version - Tried to set everything on low - Reinstalled the game - Googled for other sollutions without success. So I would like to have your ideas on how to fix this i
  13. I came to realize that the buff beams don't give the Damage Boost at all! What more to say than: "HELP!!!" Thanks for reading this short message :copter:
  14. Like I said, nevermind this post.. instead.. I'll just wait after they decide the game is balanced. and anyway, almost 11-11-11 so no time for DD after than anyways ( SKYRIM! )
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