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  1. If you have some leftover coal after the trade, I've got some mana tokens to trade too.
  2. Rutagur


    I'm guessing it could have something to do with it being a godly cat instead of mythical. One of my cats was deemed hacked too until i specified that it was godly and not mythical I believe... but I'm no expert. (But I do know my cat dropped from the game)
  3. Thanks VikingMoose and everyone else. I guess i'll try to sell it on my floor or if anyone wants to buy it out for 3 cubes, let me know.
  4. Bump, no love for a green cat?
  5. Bump, has been IC'd and now accepting partial lab run bids.
  6. Rutagur

    Item Check Thread

    I am told it is Godly and on that basis it is possible Hey MKJO, you quoted the wrong post. It's this one http://imgur.com/a/S16fY And here's an additional image now to show that it is godly. http://imgur.com/BOzDrvM
  7. Rutagur

    Item Check Thread

    Seems mine got missed. Mkjo did confirm it over chat but I'll let him post the confirmation for this cat. (Godly)
  8. Rutagur

    Item Check Thread

    Another IC please. http://imgur.com/a/S16fY Thanks in advance!
  9. Found another lovely cat. Accepted currencies include coal(6:1), cubes, diamonds(4/8/15). Will accept lab runs up to half the bid. C/O: IC: Confirmed. B/O: 3 Cubes This cat is level 1 and will be sold un-upgraded. In the second picture, I leveled him in open to show his growth potential and what he will look like: Link to images: http://imgur.com/a/S16fY Also including a picture to show that it is godly: http://imgur.com/BOzDrvM Happy bidding!
  10. The cat has been IC'd. Let me know when your 30 coal is ready Veetoo. (Though I'd prefer cubes if you had some instead)
  11. IC request submitted and sorry, not accepting lab runs.
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