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  1. Wait there are actually plebs who dont have every possible build for each hero? pffffft
  2. When exactly do weekly quests reset now? Does it reset every Tuesday with the patch? Can we have a timer on the weekly quest just like we have for dailies? ALSO Gief Dryad pls (:
  3. Has anyone tested the Blighted Dragon? My question is - Does the ability only HIT 5 enemies? Or does it scale up 5 times after hitting the first 5 enemies and then ALSO hit all the other enemies in its path?
  4. True BUT .. I cant agree with the ipwr 750 lobby. Try joining a 750+ lobby and inspect the people in it, you'll notice that in most cases (from my experience) they have completely random gear on upgraded to 750+ just so they can join games. It's sadly the same nonsense as in every other game that has some sort of "ipwr" stat. Every random simpleton will prioritize that over all the other stats and in the end ipwr has nothing to do with how good of a player it is. In fact, good player who's been unlucky with i750 drops will rather wear his 650-700 gear with good passives instead of bumping his
  5. Ive tried at least 69 different iterations of the lobby name. Even if you name it "Doing an easter egg, follow instructions or dont join" you WILL be joined by people who didnt even read it and wont do anything because they just join -whatever- game they can with their ipwr, then go afk and hope to get carried and get some loot. Don't ask me why would people like that even play the game in the first place because I myself don't get it :D I was then hoping the DD2 Discord would be a place for this but it's rather dead there... In any case, feel free to add me on Steam, name's the same ;) I'
  6. I see now :P Well to trigger the spawn is very simple really, 4 people on 4 pillars while pressing one key is nothing compared to other dungeon mechanics in most other games. IF you get people with any kind of brain inside their skull it's not a problem. They all get it after 3 simple sentences in the game chat. I have absolutely no issue with someone either being new to DD2 or the map (or English, not my native language either). By "stupidity" I mean people who join my game, even though I squeeze half of the instructions right into the name of the game, and then they either go AFK before the
  7. It is very much possible, we even did it on stream last week iirc - I believe it was on TrendyEnt channel actually, with one of the community casters. Either there or on TreesThatMoo's channel.
  8. Im tempted to somehow run 4 clients at once at this point and farm it that way. The people I tend to get in my team are just ... unbelievable.
  9. Oh really? Where does that one drop? Ive only ever saw one and it was the one I got for free from the Steam group milestone. Wailing Glaive is massively sexier looking tho :( You might farm the other spooky map though, before all the item swapping the end chest spawned the weapons there too. Not sure if it's now, would need someone to confirm it. Ive farmed both maps quite a lot and I have never seen a single spooky weapon from the victory chest. I either have one hell of a bad RNG or else the only way to get them right now is to do the spooky secret on Necrotic Temple (about 75% chance to g
  10. Oh really? Where does that one drop? Ive only ever saw one and it was the one I got for free from the Steam group milestone. Wailing Glaive is massively sexier looking tho :(
  11. Have you tried getting the Wailing Glaive from Temple of Necrotic? :D On top of my "bad RNG" Im battling the unbelievable stupidity of that_one_dude in every single game there. The success rate of "4 people standing on 4 pillars, then press G", which has proven to be a task far too difficult for many people here, is like 60% so far. In the end after about 50 Temple of Necrotic runs where we actually managed to spawn the bosses I still don't have a single Glaive, Ive got plenty of all the other weapons tho, of course.
  12. Actually I can get way more HD on my Monk than on ANY other hero so I don't see what's your issue here, other than having no clue what you're talking about. My ipwr 722 Monk with far from perfect gear has 37, 215 HD (with pretty much 100% uptime on heroic boost). Im even still missing HD on my Ring actually, because RNG hasn't blessed me with one that would have heroic boost passive AND HD yet. EDIT: Oh hold on, just got my ring :D
  13. Dont forget the heroic boost thingy, I can get my Monk up to 30,000 HD and that's without 25% HD serenity sphere. With the RMB stacking from Betsy polearm I spike up to 1,4mil DPS and that's with mediocre gear still :) EDIT: err just noticed you've already found out it buffs pet abilities as well based on your last post, nevermind. Have you tested whether e.g. Sandstorm affects pet abilitie as well? I know it doesnt affect most of the regular hero abilities Ive tested, only auto attacks.
  14. All you have to do is have 4 people standing on the 4 pillars when they hit G and the 6th wave starts, that's it. Objectives shouldn't matter, although Ive never tried doing it without the secondary objectives still standing. I don't see what's that much harder about defending the secondary objectives as well, all that's different is you get slightly more mobs and you can do more of a turtle build if you sacrifice them. Either way good luck getting 4 random people to understand what "4 people standing on 4 pillars while hitting G" means. The amount of stupidity I've witnessed in DD2 so far
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