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  1. Did u play with transfer or restartet in total... U played some public or all solo? If u played Public easy and no wonder but solo it all rly hard .... Just saying
  2. Then u Beated up everything NM Massacre every Map? Every Survival?
  3. Doent work for me i preorder and played the beta so yeah normaly i should get access to them. Hope its a bug ^^
  4. Depends on youre stats but yeah Squire Towers are nice also but Copters may hurt you.
  5. Oh sry i missed that sentence. Yeah DDE was a total mistack i guess and yeah they wantet to get back to theyre roots ^^. Massacre also got a new Enemie maybe its the newly interpreted Harbringer?
  6. I liked the early DD2 not the thing they have made out of it. DDA is the right step to get Both Communities together and Learn from the Mistakes and the Sell from Trendy Ent and rebuy to get CG. So they made new decissions and want back to the roots not for Moneygrab F2P Game. Im fine with DDA its so much fun right now and i hope they will do nice work in the future too. TBH i think the Problem ATM with DD2 Updates is the small Dev amount.
  7. I hope you know that this guy was never in the normal DD1 it was from CDT if im not totaly wrong same too the Map where this guy spawns first
  8. Does the DP stat increase the strengt drain, the slow and the enrage?
  9. Like in topic is there a steam group out there for this game with diffrent languages or something?
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