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  1. I like negativ Stats when Gear is Seperatet for Builders + and for DPS - and Tower DMG Rise more up as on a other Itrem with all Stats Positiv.
  2. I still got Questions * Do u wanna use the Set System from DD1? *Survival will also have a comeback? With Pet´s as a Reward like in the Old Days? That´s all for now maybe later i get some more Questions.
  3. I got a huge Question i know it´s early stage but i hope that u know what make dd1 so much more fantastic for me was the fact that i could Max every Stat like i wish to do 0.1s for a Tower Shot No Problem. The Ballista pierce was also a nice thing to have. My Question now is what is you Dev Team´s Plan? Wanna do a Max like in DD2 or free like in the old ways from DD1? Same for the Range it was realy nice to shot across the map. The Summoner was also a nice to have thing.
  4. I hope they will go more back to the DD1 Artstle Because i like it more and it was way more "Fancy" as in DD2. I played DD1 like 360h and DD2 nearly the Same but DD1 was so much more fun for me. I like the Traps range Indicator and the Old "System".
  5. DD1 is long time ago unsupported from Trendy or now Chromatic, now its just a Community Project who launched some stuff now and then.
  6. I hope they don´t bring them to DDA because i love to Idle Defens with the right Strategie that´s not so easy in DD2 and the Chaos Enemies do it even Harder.
  7. Is this game when enough Supported Launch on Steam´s Early Acess? Or u wanna use the Epic Games Launcher? Or a own one? I hope u will get the old Spirit back, i´m glad to hear about that u wanna revamp the old Games and gonna back to root.
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