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  1. 10 obsi is it 10 ult+ and ult++ ? 8 ult/sup armor is it 7 ult cap damage and 1 sup double cap ?
  2. chicken or mega chicken ? Edit: he changed it, Edit*: i am dumb i admit it, according to Gamingfortehlulz comment
  3. if your items have a 120-140 cubes value you may be able to get one
  4. https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/121260/monkey-farming-your-experience-d
  5. Dofus4ever


    4 hours left final bump
  6. there are many mana glitch since the update
  7. what specification ? i mean what stats u want on exept the 500 ups ?
  8. when someone enter my tavern and i press escape to see how much mana he has on its the exact same number as mine and when i go in other people tavern all i see is blank/ ( mana depending on lvl ). U can add Max 1b per upgrade ib an acc so u cant use pro mode Many problems i can't explain while upgrading an item
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