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  1. trace of course ? because u only have trace ones if so 30 cubes
  2. are u still looking for one ( even if is was a month ago )
  3. when lvl 0 summoner try to help accomplish a lab run
  4. Just bought a ult gladius in someone tavern for someone else so i paid 10B for it and worked properly however when i came to trade the other person to give it to him he put 1 mana and comfirm . However i was not able to either close trade or press confirm and after about 2-3 seconds it closed itself and he lost the Gladius in the trade
  5. the hyper rifle is kind of worth it , i got a ult++ 480 ups and the damage is pretty good however the 6 shots per sec well i don't like it
  6. just a quick question DD 2 Items like is there a market for them ? Because i would love to pre buy items before i buy it tomorrow
  7. it does matter cuz a non trace has either no value for some and around 35-40 cubes for others however a trace one is 120-180
  8. What do you need 8 Chiks for? o.O Anyways, 3 Cubes on #1 for fun
  9. https://dungeondefenders.com/1/guides/93810/
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