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  1. Tower Moby's Mobile Launcher ult++ 10 cubes
  2. Just pointing out that this is really bad logic. The old one's value is because there are very few remaining. This wouldn't cost nearly as much since there are well over 100 of them out there right now. i said was not is , and you are right but the new one has cast on it so a bit more i would say
  3. i am not an item checker but https://ddfrbr.com
  4. old one was 126 so i guess new one i would sell for 175 i would say
  5. WHS means ? and i offer 4 coals
  6. 1000% hack because if you use DD calculator you need 271 upgrades to reach 600
  7. a cube for 100B should be fine for me
  8. moon i did not know u added a chest i was talking about the gloves and boots
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