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  1. Definitely can confirm this problem. Good to see that it's not because my computer sucks. Is the issue related to particle effects?
  3. Forum Moderation abilities =/= game skill and are completely irrelevant. Items costing 2bil+ to upgrade can only be found in the Nightmare content. And really we should all know that Nightmare is unbalanced unfinished unpolished and horribly horribly grindy.
  4. Oh has the Van-Wolfenstein cycle started again?
  5. I would support the removal of spending 1.5 seconds not shooting after a charge.
  6. Update. Somehow this managed to happen despite me losing internet connection (I'll SS next time for proof) . I would really be interested some feedback on this,
  7. This latest patch did something to severely lower the fps. I have no clue what it is, but I am forced to play offline solo due to it.
  8. So I have been playing around a bit with the new darkness trap. I would say it is really good when combined with monk auras and app towers. I would, however like to hear the rest of the community's opinion on the current darkness traps. Whether their expensive DU cost outweighs the potential utility or other problems altogether.
  9. Remember all of the baaaw that came out when Trendy released the Halloween event after rushing things? Yeah lets not have a repeat for paid dlc.
  10. I don't think 131 SPS would even fire correctly.
  11. Hello. Just wanted to point out that my computer can no longer run Dungeon Defenders as of last patch. Somewhere in the changes made something increased the CPU requirements by a significant amount, even at the lowest graphic settings. This has lead to stuttering, lagging and freezes during waves. Is there any fix besides buying a new computer?
  12. Patch out. DLC Is out too. Nice price on the DLC I approve.
  13. When I try to "Exit To Main Menu" After playing on private, My computer keeps freezing. If it doesn't freeze the game continues to run very slowly. from what I can tell the game tries to search for other games under private. It's bad enough that it is quicker for me to kill the game via the task manager and restart than it is to Exit from a private game.
  14. I am offended that I as a 20 year old am lumped with the angsty teenagers.
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