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  1. @Sprakles ☆ #1 quote:

    The scroll only seems to work half the time also, when I try to scroll to a certain position in my inventory it bounces back to where I was; I don't know if this is only an issue with me I'd appreciate it if somebody could verify this.

    I think this happens when you don't have a bag open, since not all of the bags are open by default. I've noticed similar things.

    @CollectorOfBolts quote:

    As for the suggestions, I like them. Being able to sort items (in a given bag) would be especially nice.

    Personally, I've always thought that a simplified version of MS Outlook's e-mail rules system (select condition(s) -> select action(s) -> select exceptions) would be absolutely amazing.

    Conditions could include things like item type, min/max/exact item rarity, min/max/exact item power, stat bonuses, or secondary stats.

    And actions could include things like put in bag X, sell, or leave in temp bag.

    I'd probably leave out the exceptions step.

    That's fair. The exceptions were mostly for a "sell everything but X" scenario, but it's not nearly as necessary as the rest of the stuff.

  2. I hate using the game's inventory management: it's the worst part of the game for me and it makes my brain boil out of my ears every time I interact with it. Most of my playing sessions end with "But if I played again, I'd have to manage my inventory" at which point I'm just like "NOPE!" and quit the game and lie down on my bed, sobbing hopelessly. I wish this wasn't the case, because I enjoy many other parts of the game!

     I've compiled a suggestion list, entitled "things that would make using the inventory system feel less like stabbing my head full of knives that are also on fire and covered in bees"

    • Sorting (By rarity, slot, item power, levels, date acquired, primary class, relevant class for special abilities, highest value for stat X, lowest value for stat X...)
    • Auto-sorting (By any of the above)
    • Little icons that show the class affiliation of an item (maybe in a different position if it's only affiliated by special abilities vs equippable at all)
    • Searching and filtering
    • The ability to "Lock" a bag (especially the cash shop bags) and specify which kinds of items can go in there. (Like, if I have a Squire bag, I want only squire-specific loot in there, and I'd love for squire-specific drops to end up in there automatically!)
    • On a similar note, being able to specify priority for bags when it comes to incoming drops. 
    • A way to sell everything in a box, or everything that matched a current search (or didn't match a current search).
    • A way to mass open pet food.
    • A way to dump the everything in temporary item bag into free space in your other bags, once you've freed up room.

    I recognize that not all of these are features of equal priority nor are they all features that would appeal to non-power-users, but having the options would be really nice...

    PS: why can't I buy skill spheres with a full inventory? They don't take an item slot, but you can't buy them if you don't have any slots open. (Also, can we sell them, please? I don't even want the money back I just want to get rid of the clutter from the low level ones).

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