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  1. Make token missions refresh every 4 hours instead of daily.
  2. @Sprakles ☆ #1 quote: The scroll only seems to work half the time also, when I try to scroll to a certain position in my inventory it bounces back to where I was; I don't know if this is only an issue with me I'd appreciate it if somebody could verify this. I think this happens when you don't have a bag open, since not all of the bags are open by default. I've noticed similar things. That's fair. The exceptions were mostly for a "sell everything but X" scenario, but it's not nearly as necessary as the rest of the stuff.
  3. I hate using the game's inventory management: it's the worst part of the game for me and it makes my brain boil out of my ears every time I interact with it. Most of my playing sessions end with "But if I played again, I'd have to manage my inventory" at which point I'm just like "NOPE!" and quit the game and lie down on my bed, sobbing hopelessly. I wish this wasn't the case, because I enjoy many other parts of the game! I've compiled a suggestion list, entitled "things that would make using the inventory system feel less like stabbing my head full of knives that are also on fire and covere
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