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  1. I am hoping this is a bug. The Abyss Stone ability's crit damage is scaling of Def crit and not Hero crit. If this is working correctly then can you make AP and Def crit items drop with Def crit and not the currently useless hero crit %.
  2. It takes around 5-10 seconds after you kill the Harbinger for the match to finish. I hope this gets fixed before or at the same time as the abyss lord is released. I'm hoping to farm him for defender medals :D
  3. After you have all 16 Bling wheel Prizes you get Normal Carnival tickets from the wheel instead.
  4. I have attempted to play NM4 Onslaught now 3 times since the last Patch. 2 times the Loot Iplvl was limited to 600-615 for every round. All 3 times the Server kicked the entire group Just before receiving the round 14/15 reward 2 of those was in round 13 wave 3 and 1 was in round 14 wave 2. We played on Liferoot all 3 times.
  5. Yeah, They all had the correct Ability when obtained and can be rerolled for other abilities.
  6. I have been rerolling them all but only managed to get Maelstrom on possessed sword so far. Didn't stock up enough on the reroll material. Or you could say we don't have enough bag space :P
  7. Hey, I made a thread a few weeks ago about things I learn about the Carnival Map Link is here :https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/131333/nm4-carnival-solo-and-hidden-secrets?scrollTo=1205192%231205192 Hope this helps
  8. I have seen 2 of the golden carnival pets now with the bearkira pet ability one was the possessed sword and the other Thunder-O. Is this working as intended ? I am trying to confirm which pets can get what abilities but the people I was speaking to about it have gone offline. I will try and update when I can confirm more.
  9. March Monthly Mission Requirements: Earn the Super Win of the Day 7 timesCollect 1,000 prize wheel ticketsWin without losing a sub-objective 25 times Rewards:1 Carnival Admission Pass300,000 Gold7 Mega Pet Jackpot BoxesTitle: Lucky I have felt for a while now that the monthly Quest Requirements needed a tweak. It needs to feel like less of a grind, more of a challenge and should not be able to be completed in less than a few days. This months quest requirements are half way there and I believe now requires the longest amount of time to complete out of any of the monthly Quests ( I may be wro
  10. Hey, The fastest way to farm gold is by using 2x large spheres called : Hero Gold Bonus Sphere 1: 15 % for enemies defeated by heroes to drop 100 extra gold and Gold Bonus Sphere 3: Increase Gold Gain by 30 %. I not sure exactly how much they cost maybe around 100k gold but its well worth it. You can also get a passive on gear called Jackpot which can give you a chance to quadruple money gains. Also here is a link to a post I made about gold farming: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/131083/preparing-for-the-carnival-farming-500-k-gold-per-hour?scrollTo=131083%23131083
  11. Hey, Been playing harbinger a few times today in public's, then I tried to join a friend from steam and my game crashed every time i tried to join him. After a while I managed to join his private tavern and we tried to join a harbinger map. My game crashed again. Now my game crash's every time I try to join him or a Harbinger map no matter whether its solo, grouped, public or private :( It's only been happening for the last few hours.
  12. I think it just needs some tweaking. So many times I've been lining up a perfect piercing shot and it ends up flying off to the right and exploding lol
  13. I kinda like the 10 seconds, keeps you awake. You just got to sell stuff near the end of wave 4 and know what you have to build next. The thing I don't like is the timer bug. Counts down to 6-7 seconds left and starts Wave 5 leaving me stuck on a builder :(
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