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  1. Yep I am new, was it too OP or something? My suggestion included different scaling for the cloud emitted by the tower, cause I figured it'd be too strong. ´╗┐´╗┐Link i miss that time...
  2. Seems u r new here =) Smth like this system was ingame, but removed later.
  3. Same wipe, but u get random trash with same ipwr and rarity as recompense.
  4. Boosters, Accessories for reasonable prices. 16$ for 1 skin? Rly? Madness.
  5. nm1 betsy. 4 spawn possibilities on first 4 waves. always got there 1-2 skelly per run.
  6. They have enough modes to learning, not highest difficulty. Is some of they "special" and can skip all long progress? When game was in Pre-Alpha state, difficulty didnt scale of players number. So 1 builder could carry 3 leachers. Now another situation, when except builder - other players should be on geared DPS toons or have some builders too... So game punishes all trying to carry leaches. We obviously should have option to create premade lobbies with randoms and some restrictions (gear/gametime, some mythic score or rank, etc)
  7. Well, thats less problem. As for me, when i play on low nm1 modes, i build only one line, and let others build own.
  8. Solo runs're less rewarding and much harder on NM4 Incs.
  9. Not ipwr, but stats. Like info about tower. (DP, DH and others...) Ipwr can easily be gained with green useless trash.
  10. Just joined on nm4 incursion. 3 players even without nm2 gear stay and wait for carrier... Pub NM4 mode R.I.P.
  11. Aw heck! Monthly mission again broken. 75 again? is it joke?
  12. Actually u can get Tokens on onslaught missions. Now i have all ubers, betsy pet and 230 tokens left. Some time i got 3-10 tokens per run. Yes, progress now is TOO easy and fast. I remember times when u need 20-30 hrs ingame to get 1 char 50 lvl. And that was ok, when maxed 8 chars. Probably best way for such ppl like u - Token store for gems.
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