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  1. I did it!! Level uped a builder squire while completing my daily and that did make doing the same map over and over quite easy!! Happy new year everybody!!
  2. they make sure the forces of darkness don't swallow up this forum into the void...
  3. 22/35 50/50 25/30 wish me luck I'm gonna need it... Almost Happy new year by the way!!
  4. Like the big bad blue troll jump attack would be blocked by the apprentice tower
  5. Because now if you have a boss stuck behind the spawn zone You need every trick of the book to Destroy them Which isn't a easy task to complete.... So my question is if bosses should loss health after X amount of time when they still haven't left their spawn protection?
  6. Looks awesome are you gonna collect them all? :P
  7. A lvl 60 pet .. Nicely done :O
  8. I wanted to bound a hero slot to a keyboard stroke So I could easily switch between heroes with a press of a button But when I checked options I couldn't find any way to do it Anyone know if Trendy ever talked about this and if something like this could come out? Curios to know more about this
  9. Explains why I still not have the legendary monk staff after so much time played as a monk.. If I knew about this bug.. oh man...
  10. Thx will do that after I cleared the first objective 
  11. Just need to get 15 more turkey boxes And I was wondering how you guys are farming those boxes?
  12. Maybe the staff is bugged for some players? At least thats my guess...
  13. This is a idea worth being made true!! :D
  14. Instead of making it viable in damage, make it viable in utility The Squire uber tower could be tied the squire wall If a enemy ignores a squire wall by going around it or if they jump over it... The Squire uber behind the wall Would start shooting Cannonballs/Boulders, which will roll down and which will push back the enemy/enemies back infront of the squire wall so they can targeted again by the defenses infront of the squire walls This would only work for ground units and the pushing back ability would vanish when the squire wall its tied to gets destroyed
  15. still want that weapon since forever... R.I.P..
  16. Ill be waiting for Trendy to bring the controller support to us until a good system is delivered from Trendy ill be using my keyboard/mouse until then ;)
  17. I bought the skin bundle with gems That was worth it the bag option isn't ...
  18. Forgot this existed lol https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/128753/what-if-the-apprentice-wall-was-indestructible Had this idea to have a uber that changes the apprentice wall into something more magical and less solid instead of making the apprentice wall physical we''l turn it into MAGIC ITSELF!! :D Now the shield cannot destroyed for good, it can only be temporary destroyed by a EXPLOSION!! But after some time it will recharge itself and come back to block enemies again the only way to defeat the wall is if the heroes dont feed mana to the wall because then it will fade away in time
  19. I'm just waiting for the patch where they fix loot Right now you're playing a game with the god of luck And that god will win most of the time (making you have bad loot in some games)
  20. It would mostly be the same except that monsters wont be able To destroy the wall anymore instead the wall can be destroyed multiple times while dealing a lot of damage So instead of walling of enemies, the apprentice wall is being turned into a temporary wall that mainly exist to annoy and to explode into the faces of enemies!! The wall will respawn again after it gathered and charged back some mana to reconstruct itself back into a wall, but that would take some times The repair would be the same as the huntress traps, in charges Not sure if either defense health or defense power should power this new wall But it would be fun if we could have this wall as a uber or something :D
  21. Trying to get that special monk serinity aura weapon since they launched they that weapon Still dont have it R.I.P
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