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  1. tnx. i allrdy googel it, but i need the informtion abut the new eggs.
  2. tnx for all the reply., very helpful, just want to know what egg give what pet? so inn another word no pets is worth 10k medal . and for 7500 medal u can get "ok" buff so dd2 devloper must to reduse the cost of this pets. as the new hero cost abut the same.
  3. so guys. i [and i belive aloot of other defenders] need help we all want to know what betsy pet that cost 10.000 defender medal [like a new chercter OMG] do. and if it worth it also we all want to know what the eggs that cost 7.500 do. and waht pets they grant. and if its worth it. we also want to know what egg give you that pet with the 100% dps [howl spirit from ypu foe] and so go on. i know there is a wiki . but it not anser all the question. so pliz if u have a good informtion or even photo abut this question or good infomtion abut pets. pliz post here.. i hope DD2 menger and devloper will use that and other thret like this to make a good and easy guide in game to help as out. :D
  4. it take to long to have fun in this mod.. and get a good loot.. double the rate by at least x2 or 3. will make this game better and fun.. more ppl will play this and have more fun into it.
  5. hmm.. squirt can tank easy and gun witch or huntress do more damge ad dps. i know that monk can do damge. or tank.. but not good as they can.. try dps boss with monk and then with huntress or gw
  6. k lets start. 1. i love the new map as far of game play.. u can feel the hit . new style of game.. realy need at last one good team mate to make it . and not just use archers of abyss and walls. 2. the drop was not worth it. didnt get one drop above 690 and 6 legendery for 3 run. [exp the storm spear for monk,,,] 3. the new weapon for monk.. well see , i dont even know what monk is up for this days. can not build, and have a hard time to tank or keep up with other dps heros. i only use him with, sentry slow aura and explode dead body staff [forgat the name].. even after the power up for hero i can't find good place for him. he need some buff . for his staff and for his towers.didn't see lighting aura like... forever. and same goes for his last tower. and the bosst flagm use only rarely with abyss archers . and this new staff of storm it's like take step back.. no real use to it. besides it look cool. so yea, need a buff for monk and need it fast . 4. about the huntress PDT the nerf was needed, but i think its to much nerf. if it was max 40k damage when 2 stacks . and 20k with 1 stack it was balanced. because now the hunters have hard time with boss's
  7. 1. i think that it will be great if we can upgrade your stats of fire rate and projectal number like in dd1. ofc it will be balanced and all. but i believe ppl use more weapon like that. and ofc some weapon have top speed/projectile more than others. . [and you have to eren some rare matiral to upgrade] 2. weapon that work with defenders.. right now we have builder or fighter , so if you want to enjoy huntress dps and builder u need to have 2 huntress. its cool.. but what if u have a weapon that actually work with your towers for example , bow that stack small electric bombs on your enemy .and when ever he take a poison damage they will explode doing electric damage in small area , and have % chance of electrocution for all enemy or when using frostbite tower with apprentice . if u hit enemy that is slow by the tower he will slow even more. and if dies will cast aura of slow to all area for a few second. that will make even the tower builder active . and not only the fighters
  8. well.. i know you know that error. so i try to fix it with this 3 step. 1.verfiy the game. 2.turn down firewall 3.try privte . restart the pc. etc. and nothing. so i go to feel a ticket . and then i cant cuz i cant run "runme.but" as a adminstor ... so pliz pliz pliz 1000k time's. fix this fast . i see many ppl that have that prob and no fix yet. i play many game online . and the 2 i last play was . warframe and blade & soul . and they have they fair shere of bugs . so i start this one for somthing that wont kick me evry time i go in.. and now this.. pliz pliz pliz fix this
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