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  1. Hey, i havent been using my level 70 apprentice much but is suppose i know a lil bit bout weapon damage. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?9601-Guide-for-Base-damage-and-Elemental-damage-dps-difference. That is my little guide for the difference between elemental and base damage. i suppose if you want a 'badass' weapon i would advise getting a strong elemental damage so look for weapons that have high upgrade amounts and decent element damage (around 150 -200) and as you upgrade it will become more stronger. For example my weapon hits about 1.3k every projectile i think and shoots +5
  2. Yea i thought so :/ and ok but i thought it'd be easy for them like a one off update to include the new content.
  3. Aha lol cheers dan xD still jealous i done assault on insane? :P
  4. That's not it at all, I think you missed the point. You can't find other players level 50 to 70 to play with if you're set on private. I'd like to see a way to filter what level of character comes into your games. You don't think it's pretty lame when your leveling up a character and some level 8 joins right before the wave starts and you don't have time to switch characters and the wave fails? I'm not saying the OP is wrong with his/her point of being kicked all the time. I think that is rude. I am saying that etiquette works BOTH ways, and the OP said he/she isn't joining out of their le
  5. I love the idea of this! :) and i would be happy to help in any way i can.
  6. Lol castle crashers is a good game too... But anyways I believe that thread is for the pc version and not the console version... Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk Lmao! woops i never realised i put castle crashers xD imma change that now ^_^.
  7. Just message me on xbox whenever and as soon as i can i will give you some :) . i wont be playing this weekend though.
  8. I dont have that (looks pretty awesome) but if you ever wanna do some dungeon defenders on xbox ill be happy to play for fun ^_^ .
  9. Well The High Five is faster than swords. And Bloodrage does effect elemental damage on my high five it increases it dramatically.
  10. When I'm playing on one of my 70's and I have the difficulty set on insane (sometimes hard), I find it rude for a low to mid level character to be joining my game in the first place. Not many 70's start up a game on a tough difficulty so they can carry a lesser character through the map while having to deal with the extra mob and ogre HP. Again i'm just speaking from my experience, but what I would do (and what I like that people have done with me) is join with a 70, play the map through, and then maybe talk about working on some other maps afterwards to get some leveling done. Chances are the
  11. Farming Alchemical Laboratory on insane drops a good class specific weapon. A buddy of mine with an apprentice does over 20k dps with a staff he picked up there and he was a noob and put a few points into attack and HP instead of full elemental damage. I've run it 10+ times over the last couple days and picked up a sword for my squire that boasts 93k dps with bloodrage (fully upgraded, 29 levels). You probably already know this, but I don't want to be misleading, so note that this is elemental damage. If you run into a poison resistant mob they take a while to drop. But since towers can take
  12. Yea its not that sword i use The High Five with +216 Bloodrage.
  13. Well here http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?4963-Current-(7.04)-amp-Upcoming-(7.05)-Patch-Notes says that it will be released today so if you have to update Dungeon Defenders you will know :) . But i cant believe there nurfing the bloodrage ability :/ and the new mana cap will be so helpful ive had to make alt accounts to hold my money :/
  14. I haven't seen and guides like best weapon but i will make one sometime when i have time. Here is my guide on the difference between base damage and elemental damage dps: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?9601-Guide-for-Base-damage-and-Elemental-damage-dps-difference.
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