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  1. They are dropped from completing insane summit, and are desired because they have awesome dps.
  2. And I thought the one I got to 2k damage was good lol.
  3. Wyverns wouldn't explain it on alch labs. It has to be archers.
  4. I have experienced it on alch labs. It killed our crystal at wave 20.
  5. Alch really doesn't get much harder, the biggest threat to you personally is the warriors who had 60k hp by level 20, but as long as your set up right, and have a decent dps character out they wont really affect your build. I started dying a lot but my defenses held up fine. The main thing that slows survival down is that individual spawns stop pumping monster out mid wave. On alch for example, the northwest spawn doesn't put out more than 4 or 5 at a time after the initial rush, and they only come from the other 4 spawns. Then towards the end of wave the east spawns stop putting out mobs a
  6. Skyrim is peaking over 250k, I am sure a lot of defenders are in that group. Also, I'm sure many people have completed the missions on medium and have set the game aside till new content comes out. Not everyone is obsessed with beating it on the hardest possible level.
  7. My whole point in doing this is so I can get a weapon for my monk that isn't complete ****. Then you need a good ranged geier or nosferatu. Party hat is pretty junky right now. I have a near perfect and only do around 15k, while I'm doing close to 50k with my geier.
  8. Why re-gear when you don't have too. People were trivializing the content before the new gear, and that hasn't changed yet. I will re-gear when/if I have to.
  9. geier is a reward. assuming it is legit. then it would seem they have been buffed also. Occasionally a halloween reward can show up in shop after a run, which seems to be the buffed version. Someone on trade forums had a 42 upgrade VW.
  10. Just did halloween hard, all i had to drop were like 2 redundant proxie mines off my set up. Just have to pay a bit more attention with my hero.
  11. Just had an animus in my shop with 210 base, 41 upgrades...
  12. new update raised max on everything pretty much lol.
  13. I hear the nerf bat calling again rofl. But wow free bump for you.
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