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  1. Sure, if you want to farm for a week under the possibility they won't end up transferring gear.
  2. How they thought this was a production-ready UI is beyond me. It's another small failure to throw on the pile.
  3. From a market standpoint I'm fine with MOD value dropping over time as inventory increases. It's natural market cycle. We do have a couple mechanisms in place to help keep high tier MODS relevant or shift item demand already in the game with character resets. This will drive the valuation of evolution materials necessary to keep those max-mod items relevant through the leveling process or force all-new item crafting depending on player preference and means. This combined with normal player churn should keep the demand for MODS relatively high for a good while providing the incentive is the
  4. Is the current MOD scaling intended? The quadratic progression feels terrible. MODS with 1-4 bars offer basically the same thing and it's not until 4.5 bars that any meaningful change occurs. This, combined with overall rarity, discourages any sort of incremental "step-up" upgrade since MODS with less than 5 bars don't really justify the cost of replacing a lesser-rolled MOD. In short, scaling feels out of whack. It doesn't need to be linear growth but smoothing out the progression of MODS would go a long ways towards giving mid-tier MODS a reason for existing and add a bit of market viab
  5. Changes like this when the player-base is already in a downward spiral don't inspire confidence. Trendy should acknowledge when the community responds to a change with a collective "WTF" that maybe they need to re-evaluate it or at the very least verify the voracity of the "feedback" they received leading up to said change. If the change was made to make room for a follow-up mechanics change in the pipeline that's an entirely different case but this doesn't appear to be that. And if it was, they need to detail those changes to manage the immediate backlash.
  6. What's shocking is that THIS of all things was selected for "re-balancing" when there are so many other obvious issues. Cannons are one of my favorite towers but almost never see use outside the initial progression path of Campaign -> C3. Beyond that the risk of geodes essentially shuts them down unless someone is overgeared and screwing around. The AoE stun is the only thing that kept them remotely viable.
  7. Another completely un-needed kick to the nuts that further cements the meta aura builds. Projectile towers already have massive issues compared to other defenses.
  8. Thanks! I might give it a shot sometime if nothing else is going on but I don't feel much motivation for it. I utterly hate the mastery system as it stands today.
  9. Talked to Nictus a couple days ago. Like a lot of us he got bored and took a break (there's only so much you can grind before there's just no real motivation to keep going). Mastery doesn't really hold any interest for him.
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