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  1. O_o I thought this was already fixed Cause i have NEVER rollbacked yet, been playing since PC release
  2. Im back! From where, you ask? Tamriel, is my answer for thee. Anyways, got some motivation, and ended up doing a small update, and its again over midnight.. I really need to sleep xD So yeah... Updated the main post and stuff, hopefully will be able to continue this soon-ish :3 Portals, o' portals... ;D
  3. Didnt get to test the portal against mobs... Wasted the whole day playing skyrim -_-'
  4. I may release a testing version tomorrow when/if i can make myself 'fix one of the bugs'( add a few lines of code ). Of course i wont release it if i detect any huge bugs. Today (monday) i learnt more about how to use dddk properly (never used udk or coded in it before this. Thankfully syntax is nearly same as in c#/c++), and tomorrow its time for proper testing on enemies& different maps(and surfaces),and hopefully find actual uses for this gun. And if I remember right, somebody asked was the gun long range? Answer for that is yes ;D (Sorry for the lack of smilies (and grammar?)...
  5. This is looking real good! Didn't expect there would be this good programmers modding Dungeon Defenders! Good? Only thing this does is rotates the portal according to the platform where you shoot it at. The portal teleporting mechanism etc. are still the same, so there aint anything amazing going on here :/
  6. @Yoraiz0r It totally depends on thickness of the platform the portal is put on. But even if somebody touches portal from under the platform, they will probably get the teleporting visual effects, but not move at all. I will start experimenting more with the portal mechanisms tomorrow to make sure any glitches wont happen! =D PS: Sorry for bad grammar 'n' all... Wrote this on phone, and im reeaaally tired -_-' time to sleep now EDIT: too tired.. This is probably tenth time i change my wording in this post...
  7. So, my project is to make proper portals, that stick to walls, and you could put them on floor, roof, etc... Currently the portal sticks to floor and roof, but doesnt work properly on walls... I'll be updating this thread as i go forward with this project =D Update 1 (14.11 | 0:21 AM (GMT+2) Recoded whole thing ("Whole thing" as the rotation check part) few times and at last got everything working. You can now stick the portals into walls properly too. Also fixed image rotation bug on the floor portals.. Next: Working on diagonal walls, ?changing the portal physics? (Woah, admi
  8. DDDK = UDK that has DD stuff So no, you dont need to download normal UDK :o
  9. Cheating(As in hacking, third party programs) in open is allowed, but speaking about it on forums isnt, so we should stop talking about this :p
  10. The player shop map... Im just thinking that it would cause some obvious errors, such as if its actually a new MAP, not part of the tavern, there may be some difficulties saving it, and by making new inventory system, there could possibly be high chance of items getting wiped. I think the "player shop" should be just another room in a tavern, and you can enable the shop by pressing a button under the "Hide game" in the esc menu, thus making it possible to filter away servers that have the "shop" enabled :) Or there could be a trade server made (and hosted) by trendy that hosts many shops in
  11. O'well.. To make everything soloable... I would: Up challenge time limits. Lower mob dmg. Lower mob health on insane. Allow towers in zippy terror / slower kobolds that dont light up. Everything is soloable now 8D
  12. Not out yet, keep checking the DLC page =D http://store.steampowered.com/dlc/65800/
  13. Everyone has a thing that they really want to see in a game... Oh well, I do at least ;P So basicly, whats would be the "perfect" mod for you? Dont think would it be impossible or take years, just let your imagination take over you and think about it, and post your greatest "DDD"(Dungeon Defenders Dream) to this topic :) Having this kind of topic lets us share our opinions about what we need, maybe plan a huge modm and maybe give inspiration for modders to make something, thus making our dreams become real :D So come on and post yer greatest "DDD" :) For me, it would be gamemode t
  14. .. How come I havent met ANYONE with this crash bug.. This is even the first time I've heard of it D:
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