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  1. http://i988.photobucket.com/albums/af10/sliktrax/error_zpseqmdqn9d.jpg ´╗┐´╗┐MODS Please edit MSG to see text clearly...
  2. Judging by the last load of post it sure looks like theirs a problem so yeah or i wouldn't have spoke up about it..
  3. I wasn't going to reply to this topic, but i got sucked in by the posts claiming we who want controller support should be patient. And thats fine i don't mind waiting at all, but here is what i do have a problem with.... For those of you who clearly love your Keyboard / Mouse combo's your alright jack, going about your business loving life to the max. Me personally i CANT stand K/M combos so this is TOP PRIORITY for me, and while i haven't been about on this game to claim i waited a year and a half some have (APPARENTLY). But what really bothers me and is starting to irritate me more and mo
  4. Well if there not listening its kind of hard to get something that resembles a decent sequel, i was addicted to DD1. If it comes to that i still am after my post this morning i went away and bought it, as not only does it have Full Controller support. I missed the game play, spent good few hours on it in the end tiredness beat me lol. Had to go sleep at some point i suppose, but yeah looking at DD1 and the way i immediately jumped straight back into the game. DD2 is not shaping up to be a decent sequel but that is just my opinion, keep in mind that DD1 was on xbox 360 originally, so this is t
  5. As a DD & DDES DLC for the XBOX 360 i loved that game i really liked the simplicity of the game and the controller functions, but i got to be honest here i really feel that the original dungeon defenders game play was much more satisfying and rewarding. Also while i realize i am a PC gamer not a console gamer anymore, i absolutely DETEST keyboard and mouse combinations. There are way to many keys i have no interest in learning it's a big part of the reason i gave up on ESO and that game wasn't cheap when i bought it. Its also why i have barely any games and those i do have on my PC might a
  6. So whats the fix ? Any news as of yet ? I am having the same issue, no mp found infinite black loading screen spinning icon bottom right corner with alpha logo.
  7. Upon trying to bind keys for mouse etc, i discovered Dungeon Defenders 2 black screen of death upon trying to reset default bindings. Basically i was in the middle of binding when i thought wait, i haven't checked to see what the keys / buttons were previously mapped too. A bit premature so i went ahead and clicked default, it instantly went to black screen where by i couldn't even call on the task manager to kill the task. Nothing else could be seen on screen once requested called upon, So i figured i had better report this. Forgive me if this is a known issue and has already been report
  8. I was asking for a way in which to change my armor and weapons, and not sure about DD1 was a long while ago and is now flooded with cheats and mods on the 360 version. With that said PC is redonkulous for MODS & Cheaters, i still can't get my head round the fact people feel the need to cheat in the first place. And half of them are not even young kids (and while that is no exception), the majority are a lot older and should know better. With that said [[20331,users]] pointed out exactly what i needed to know, so a BIG thanks to you ;-D
  9. I have been stood trying to figure out how to upgrade change my weapons and armor pick ups, i played dungeon defenders originally on xbox 360 it was a cool simple game. Having gone into DD2 looked about none of it makes sense sure i can play a game, but i want to know what i am using, for (EG) do i have the best weapon available or armor segments from my inventory. At present all i have figured out is what buttons to press to play in game, for firing traps etc.... How do i bring up my inventory switch out weapons etc ?
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