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  1. Bump! Auction ends tomorrow at around 8pm Mountain Time. CO//: 50 cube value, madawk
  2. I'd value em about 25-30 each, I don't know their value personally.. So yeah.
  3. 50 cube value madawk. CO Updated. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, work.
  4. Hey guys! I'm back on Dungeon Defenders after quite a break because of school and athletics, so in light of my return, I'm going to auction off my Aladdin's Wish. Traced/IC'd through Acen. ´╗┐´╗┐Currencies: Diamond(s)/Lab Runs/Traceable Events Thanks guys! Happy bidding. CO: Madawk 50 cubes Auction will end Wednsday, 2/24/16 at about 8:00PM MT.
  5. Veetoo, add me and teach me your ways! :D
  6. Now's my chance :D Sorry to hear that VeetoO.
  7. So, I found an Ult++ Bloodshot. Buuuut, 304 ups, yeah, I cried too.
  8. Just got my Tavernkeep Imposter skin and I realized my Barb's Hawk DPS is quire low, 65 million approximately with each weapon, so if anyone would like to join me, feel free to add me :) Steam ID- Zeology
  9. Hey! Nice glad! Good luck with the auction Frank!
  10. Oh yeah, my fault, didn't add the values correctly xD
  11. C/O updated, auction will run until Friday.
  12. Last and final call for bids, this pieces should have been blowing up with bids, but oh well. What can I do? ():
  13. Auction ends today at 12:00 PM central time.
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