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  1. why not download the ddk go into the test map take 1 of each item since it has every item/armor in the game? add me to friends and msg me ill let you join my game and it will install the map so you dont have to download the ddk if you want
  2. i beleive jeremy posted about alch labs currently having the best drop rates for items. Let me see if i cant find it. found it : In all 7.10's, the loot ramps would actually favor certain levels like Alchemical Labs. But in the upcoming 7.11, it's equalized out -- in a good way, the same wave numerals on any map will yield super-loots, though more difficult maps will yield somewhat better on said wave number (since it's more difficult to reach, for example, wave 15 on glitter than it is on Alchemical Labs). So the short answer is, no it's not a figment of your imagination that Alchemical
  3. I believe you go to world properties and down to game support type click the + then add assault, also type for pie set to assualt if your testing it that way.
  4. survival needs a cap on mobs per wave but the mobs need to get progressively harder at the moment its how long can i last before I dont care anymore
  5. Invisible arrows is my guess. I play map with no ogres and no spawns have line of sight to crystals and if they do its covered with barriers/towers and it still takes damage with me standing on the crystal watching and seing nothing visible hit it all units around it are 100% i am 100% and crystal just takes 50-100% damage instantly.
  6. Problem is that the players who did not get any high quality gear before the insane buff are pretty much stuck in a rut. Was doable before the 33% buff to mobs, but is very, very difficult if all you can get is hard quality stuff. I didn't play the day all the super loot dropped and was in my pre superloot gear and still getting to 17+ insane waves survival. Anyway his comments was related to campaign not survival where it doesn't get "insane" the longer you last. The waves are set values and never really get that intense. The hardest ones would be glitter and summit only reason summit gets
  7. I beleive they changed it so that it wouldnt get spammed or that they only want "real" maps to be put there. When you view that forum it says: Posting Permissions You may not post new threads You may post replies You may not post attachments You may edit your posts
  8. i have done with 4 with 2 70 huntress doing the front and 2 people in the back they had max animus but was like lvl 45 or something the animus basically solod the back. If you fail and get hit its pretty much over.
  9. False. Have you been reading the forums? And I don't mean insane Deeper Well.... No i've been playing the game. The only one I would consider to be a challenge would be bonus map maybe summit because of the way that boss works.
  10. Hmm youre right - he didnt specifically answer that. Good catch. Trendy? Shops only change after successful campaign. I would imagine that was the answer. I wouldn't think it would drop from campaigns as most are to quick and even on insane they are not really difficult even for people with no gear.
  11. The main issue is the towers leveling up doesn't do really anything. Normally you would end up with max units and all 3stard by wave 11-13 depending which wave you started on, but leveling up the units doesn't even constitute the mana usage except for the only fact there is nothing else to do with it because the it disappears.. Basically trendy needs to make upgrading units actually useful besides being used to heal a unit.
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