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  1. That always happens in this forum! Just play the game and enjoy along with the other hundreds of thousands of people. This forum's really only for complaints.
  2. I was asking another guy what should I upgrade the projectile speed to. He responded about 2k should be alright. 3k is the max. Well I've upgraded mine to 75k and now we both think it may be a hacked item. I bought it from a shop. By the way, I now know 75k was too much, hey I'm learning! Edit: whoops here's there link http://steamcommunity.com/id/nelixery/screenshot/631859135475526793
  3. Is there a benefit to looting everything? Doesn't it get sold automatically and put into the bank?
  4. Seriously what the hell is this bug? I'm always left out of these things.
  5. You shouldn't need to respec because you'd only need to add more points now the level's increased.
  6. Whoops the original poster will be bro mad with me then. I not only named my apprentice Vivi like many others, but also went one step further and named my squire Steiner. I also named my huntress Ayla, after that prehistoric girl in Chrono Trigger, and my monk Gyatso, after Aang's master in Avatar - The Last Airbender.
  7. What problems occur when trying to set up a private match? I do it all the time.
  8. Damn... what can you do...
  9. I clicked to start the wave, then dropped my items for my friend to pick up, counting on him not to start the wave. He started the wave after I dropped the items. They disappeared :( They were the Team Fortress 2 pets and Portal gun.
  10. That's why I always host my own games. If you join people's games, they may have their own rules they won' tell you about. Once you break one of those rules, as you say, insta-kick.
  11. Hello, to the left of the mission titles in the game list, what do the red and blue icons mean? I can't find the meaning anywhere.
  12. Fair enough. I guess people will have to make do with my apology when I leave LOL.
  13. Ohh OK. So I think the password feature would be perfect then.
  14. ...can you make it so the second next player becomes the new host, instead of having everyone disconnect. I dunno what exactly happens, but I imagine once the host leaves, everyone returns to the main menu. I think that's unfair.
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