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  1. this thread may help. https://www.reddit.com/r/dungeondefenders/comments/4z5sjf/another_noob_with_questions/
  2. did you check in your options? in the option -> interface tab
  3. At chrome enemies, the air units are dying even before they get past the purple eye thing.
  4. The weapon is already crazy op as it is, let's not complain about it :p The only weird part is that some maps have 4 drops while others have only one, it's a bit silly even if it makes sense. If they wanted to tweak drop rate, it should be appropriate to tune down the range of available stats. (the passives.) I'd be okay with not 100% drop rate bow if the stats rolled didn't have that big a range to roll.
  5. Can the drop changes be reverted, or at least make it a 100% drop? It's really frustrating now to farm for a better toxic shock bow, when it was already frustrating to farm pre-patch where it was 100% drop in bazaar.
  6. It's not like bags are free. I just don't understand why they have to limit increasing MAX bag slots to a DLC. At first, I thought it was a technical issue that they couldn't increase MAX bag slots...
  7. I've been doing some onslaughts on liferoot forest, for them golden pet eggs. However, I've only gotten Golden Dragon Pet eggs. (on liferoot.) I was wondering if there were other Golden Pet eggs, and where would i get them. (maybe its different for different maps?) Thanks.
  8. I submitted a bug report to support team through email. They told me problem was : Alt-Tabbing. edit: mine was similar but not totally the same. refer to : http://imgur.com/a/2xe6X (my error)
  9. Would prefer if they brought back the old daily reroll system, which allowed us to choose 1 out of 3 available options for reroll. For me, it's not the difficulty of the mission, it's about the medal reward. Allowing us to choose 1 out of 3 again would be great.
  10. http://i.imgur.com/gam9vuk.jpg from: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/136912/unique-chest-rewards-with-max-stats?scrollTo=1234856#1234856 correct me if this isn't updated
  11. On the flip side, I was doing some Onslaught yesterday to gear up a char and at wave 35ish I had a mini boss somehow walk past my wall.... anyway he started hitting my core... I had taken my dps char and all other chars out my deck bar the builder I was gearing so my dps was very very low. anyway it appears this mini boss for some reason kept missing my core... 2mins later I had pea shot him to death. was this boss the bomb throwing one? (quibly i think?) i had a mini-boss doing the same thing on liferoot. kept missing the eggs
  12. What map do u farm gear with ipwr such as that in the picture?
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