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  1. yes, it is a complaint. For every complain there is a solution.. I dont know what should be the exact solution. The easy one is to make it so you can pick a specific map, this will also help in progression, sometimes when you barely complete a map, maybe changing one defense position, you could do it. My suggestion for the game is, first, being able to pick a specific map on trials, second, not being able to progress to the next trial difficulty without completing all the maps on the previous trials (or at least 3 per trial difficulty). And as an extra suggestion, create the "Save tower pos
  2. Sooo, I just spent 30mins trying to create a specific map on a lower difficulty. Queuing and requeuing until yo get that map to complete a mission, because you dont have enough time to play is not a good late game mechanic
  3. This is the kind of posts Trendy answers.. Server issues, nah, better lore
  4. It's an obnoxious boss I will 100% agree. Been wanting the frontal damage resistance reduced to like 70% or so for a while... But I really don't feel it needs a nerf at all just in my oppinion. I really recommend you change your mentality around this boss and how you try to fight it. It is INCREDIBLY slow. Mobs also come in volleys during waves. So I recommend watching your mini map for the breaks during the waves when there are fewer monsters, and using this time to start DPSing/CCing the boss. Start this cycle as soon as it spawns, and don't be afraid to leave the boss and come back (again,
  5. So, I usually play solo, I had 360hs played when the abyss lord came out, I used to play nm4, but as there was no end game yet, I got bored and stopped playing. A month ago, one month pre official release, I came back, learnt all this new loot system, I was able to do chaos 1 and after trying many times I got to solo a c3 map (only when Siege rollers get bugged, which happens pretty frequently on certain maps...). Now I'm working on c4 maps, I had to farm some shards and started my progression. Now I can complete the waves, trying really hard, mostly jumping between lanes repairing as soon as
  6. i think trendy already realized their game is failing hard to keep PC players interested, they almost loss all their players base.. Personally I cannot understand how the loading screens and all those session issues had not being addressed asap.. From a ingame balance point of view, I got only 2 complaints: 1. The not_lvl_up for the EV auras is a bad thing, seems to be really unbalanced being able to have max level walls and air cannons 2. Whos idea was to create the siege boss, which is a completely different experience than the other bosses. I think all the other bosses should get buffed x2
  7. "The occurrence of T3-and-Lower items has been slashed in higher difficulties. As these items only have 1 or 0 passive slots, they are essentially trash items after about Free Play Normal." I don't really understand this... Have you seen wave7 nm4 blue items? They are better than wave 1 Myths and Legs... My Apprentice for example... all but token is blue, 41% on frosty with 3.4dp.. My huntress is around 715 ipower with 2 blue items, my chaos deal 2624dps... Personally, I check every single item, because they scale through waves more than from rarity
  8. There are a lot of maps with really really short distance between secondary objectives and spwan areas, it would be great if they adjusted objectives position on every map. They don't seem to realize is really really frustrating to lose a secondary objective being almost 1 shotted at nm4 due to a "glitch". (because that's how it feels). If you don't want to reposition them to a "proper" position you could just make them tanks... Wouldn't it be greater is Greystone Plaza left secondary was 2 meters back away What about Liferoot Main core, imagine it 2 mts behind into the base, i dont thin
  9. Question: Who made the desicion Crit chance/dmg shouldn't be included at dps attribute? :)
  10. u.u I wanted the loot stat-relationship patch
  11. i want my huntress Q to create 3 geysers
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