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  1. I was about to suggest a similar idea, but yours is better. I never use the safe and completely forgot about it. Thumbs way up :squire:
  2. Also, Life isn't fair - people need to get over this fact. You mean, "accept it."
  3. I'm done with DE Warriors. You've just gotta learn how to Do the DEW. Trademark. I've Gauged the Mage and it gave me Rage. But only because it rhymes. Trademark.
  4. Actually we do usually work weekends, and are this weekend too :) -Jer Bless you.
  5. I just hopped on after a few days of not playing, DunDef patched (got me excited), and now my Lightning Towers are earning their keep! This rocks, thank you!
  6. The, uh.. suffix "mancer".. It's not gender-specific. The suffix "ess" is not usable in most cases, or maybe my memory is messed up. I'll get a doctress's opinion. Better find a drivess, I shouldn't be operating vehicles or heavy machinery. Thumbs up for the Comic Sans and cool class.
  7. We'll just have to wait for one of our buddies at Trendy to fill us in! :squire:
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm curious to know if they had special names in mind, like Belinda or Frank. Perhaps Bruce Lee or McFunkton.
  9. Before settling on 'Apprentice', 'Squire', 'Huntress', and 'Monk', did you guys have any personal names in mind for the DunDef heroes? (like Waldo or Chester?) Just wondering.
  10. I would love that, but we mustn't keep taking challenge out of this game.
  11. Well, that would make it more like the staple Item Shops from Diablo which inspired this game. This sounds like a cool idea to me, I like it. Would be nice if the item box was less painful to navigate, too.
  12. Just a little more HP for the Apprentice. Please? He kind of needs it. We're getting by, but still.
  13. These screencaps are of me reproducing an issue I had with an ogre or two, only on easy mode for ease's sake. I think this is an issue which really needs to be addressed. Of course, I don't place towers there anymore. Come to think of it, I see enemies hiding in the safe zones on purpose sometimes. After 10 seconds, they should be hurtable anyway- safe zone or no safe zone. This is a report, not a complaint. I love working with AI. Thank you, Trendy, for being so you. You really are my favorite dev team to date. Alrighty, the Ogre spawned and started attack my towers through a wall. Here's
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