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  1. I need to reroll some pets but did it not one time since pricechange. Too expensive. I mean skillspheres is one thing but u have to reroll alot if u wanna perfect petstats.
  2. Before Patch the cap was 5k gold and it felt like spending a million to get decent pet stats.... I hope u change it soon. What is the thought about it from rest of the players?
  3. And again its a fail from Trendy. They created this insane difficulty to close the gap between free Play and End Game Nightmare I. But the first Endgame Incursion Insane Map is harder then the first Endgame Incursion Nightmare I Map. (Gates of Dragonfall). The mini Gribloks that are jumping and are range attacker have 170k hp. In Nightmare I they have 5k hp. Also in Insae the flying gobling suiciders are INSANE. The 2 Antiair towers (fully upgraded) from my monk (4000 DP) Cant kill them. I soloed Incursion nightmare I easier than Incursion insane. I remebered a thread about skeletons in incursion ramparts hard that had 500k hp. That are useless mistakes. Maybe fix the Hotfixes before iplementing new content
  4. Bartirix is right. Played yesterday 5 hours and today 9 hours. Farmed from lvl 29 to 36 and no fricking egg. All on normal. And some players get it on easy on first runs.... Realy a nice event to start new Patch.
  5. I farmed from lvl 29 till lvl 34 free play normal both maps and dindt got a egg.......
  6. My highest hero is lvl 19. But i cant see playlists. Not 1-3 or whatever. 
  7. Hi, i cant see lvl ranges playlists on wardesk. I only have marked campaign mode. And if delte the campaign mode mark i cant select private or find a group.
  8. then can plz anyone invite me? im stiil online in the game Mastergul. ty
  9. Having same trouble. A topic allready exists and i postet there too. Searching issues is the name.
  10. I have the same problem. I bought the game thursday and played it yesterday. Today i can´t join the tavern. I open the game and if i clicking on play it cant find session. I did portforwarding startet it as administrator reinstalled, restartet pc few times, restarted steam, restarted internet. Strange yesterday evening i could play. And today i cant. I think it has to do something with the game. Some people getting this issue again and again.... I wrote ticket to support. Hope anyone can help me
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