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  1. I don't think I'll spoil the fun for anyone by saying you have to wait for the boss to die anyway XD Pretty sure there's enough clues in this thread already.
  2. I think she stole someone's Meowmere XD (are you adding Meowmere to the loot table for melee drops? if so, for the love of all that's holy, make it soundless) Anyways, I can't wait. Terraria is love, Terraria is life. Hey, but why the driad, of all the Terraria's NPCs? She's supposed to be the peaceful one, always nagging about cleansing the world of corruption and stuff like that. Also, if you guys are happy with the crossover, can we count on more NPCs appearing in DD2?
  3. Here was some Scaling info in old patch notes ...it loked like Skill X was changed fron X hero damage scaling to X+10% hero damage scaling (simple example)... I guess we still can find them...but not that sure now if they didn't changed it for that long time... Hey westie o/ Yeah, but we need that info in the game, not outside of it. Would a person new to the game know where to look for it? Doubt it. And he/she shouldn't have to look outside of the game. And we also need it explained in all variants, like scaling working with elemental damage weapon, passives, crit chance etc. Btw I saw a short discussion in the pub today, when someone asked what to spec his monk armor into. Someone else answered in all seriousness, that for monk - only defense health... (I read it too late to interfere and beat some sense into them). Lack of properly served game data is hurting the players. Hey rosie o/
  4. That info should be displayed clearly in game. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ASxO7dozMkjCDH7YL1TjCNT_lDaBFyRutTIV2DPQ4xc/edit#gid=1242769495 Here's it...but here's no info about this weapons for some reason... I think we were talking about skill scaling, what they scale with, how much and so on. That's what I meant at least. Yeah...i wanna see it too so) Especially "how much" part... Sorry for quoting this huge chunk of discussion, but everyone there has a valid point. There is important data in the game that often isn't anywhere ingame to be found, yet it hugely impacts your chances at being able to win maps. I am not talking about the simple "scales with ap", but something more elaborate, taking into account elemental damage weapons for example, and passives. For players, figuring that data out would take hours upon hours of meticulous testing (to those of you who volounteered their free time - kudos to you, but you're putting a band-aid on something that needs surgery), while Trendy already has all the data...would it really take them months of work to put some more lines in the already existing skill descriptions? If so, I am more than willing to give up on a new event or something (especially if it's a recycled last year's map), if it means they can invest the hours into properly explaining ingame how scaling works in all it's options. I know we have to do the baby steps strategy with Trendy, but I'd really like to see some of the old "we'll add it later" issues resolved. Who knows, maybe one day we will actually see names under player icons? -_- -hey witch, move back from there -... - not you, the other witch - not you!! the other other witch!!!
  5. + Maeve's story - nearly everything else Hard to tell, it's only been 5 episodes so far. I admit I expected more, but I'm willing to withold judgment for now. On the other hand - Hopkins alone must cost them an arm and a leg and I wonder, for how long the budget can take it, if the ratings dissapoint.
  6. ^yes, please, thank you. For example narwhagon (or whatever it's spelled) scaling off hero health for a tank, bearkira scaling off ability power for a cc unit. When you think about it, most pet abilities already suggest what kind of unit would make use of them, so it shouldn't take a brain surgeon to sort them out.
  7. Doesn't exist. I believe it was mentioned only as a suggestion.
  8. I actually asked around in my friends list a week ago and the anwers were not very enthusiastic, especially from the players I met ages ago. People moved on - some left the game a year ago, some left after the summer wipes and rerolls. The abyss lord update just doesn't give them enough of a reason to come back - but I did get a few "maybe, why not" answers on returning after the hero deck rework, so that's something to look forward to. And there were also a few definitive "yes" answers from DD2 fanatics and people who joined the game this year. I will probably try and be active again and earn the abyss lord with medals, but if the grind is too boring and time consuming, then ...well... *shrug*
  9. We'll take your word for it We don't expect you guys to suddenly shower us in funny pets and weapons or employ voice actors (we all know Trendy can't really afford people like Robert McCollum now...maybe in the future?), but if you show us 2-3 funny things per update you'll see how much we appreciate it. Things like that definitely sweeten the time spent grinding or waiting for the next big update to hit. That's not the point, actually. It's not really about the combos working and adding some damage during the match, it's about them being a crucial element of the gameplay, an important mechanic in winning maps and building up your scores. Here are the key points: OMD franchise combos are way more complex than the ones in DD2 - in DD2, you have only 2 damage element combos, like oil+fire, while in OMD games combos only start being calculated when 3 damage sources are involved (for example tar+spikes+crossbow in early game). On some maps, 13x combos were a thing...in OMD2, on 1 specific map, you could go even higher. Simplistic combos in DD2 are part of the reason why there is no build diversity - they just aren't complex enough to require well-planned, diverse builds. You can just spam geysers and la or flame + oil flask and that's about it... Meanwhile, in OMD, this is how planning for combos looks like: "ok so I have the grinder with the bleed, so that's 2, spikes with the poison, another 2, wall trap, 1, tar for +1 in 2 spots, my archers are upgraded with fire damage, so another 2, brimstone upgraded to longer burn for +1, I can either add the mace or the zapper for 1, can't add the floor scorcher it's too op and would kill them before the main killbox tile but I could put it in the back for last damage source on the ogres, flipping mobs back is another 1, I could steal the boom barrels from the ledge there and detonate them on the ogres for another +1, I will alternate my sword and crossbow in the corner of the main killbox tile for possible +2, and I just hope I always remember to refresh my storm cloud!" And this is how building combos looks like in DD2 : put down geysers, put down la, derp. High combos in OMD games mean high scores. It doesn't apply to DD2, as scoreboards have not been implemented yet. I hope that they will be added, though - there's nothing better for energizing the community and forcing diversity of builds than people trying to push the numbers to the limit. Been there, done that ;) Adding scoreboards affected by combos would also get DD2 some youtube traffic - people just loooove to make highscoring videos. Funnily enough, you guys already have one guy who made OMD videos here in the DD2 community. In OMD games, you get small instant rewards for combos - including special dialogue lines, seeing the flashy "10X" announcements, special sounds, etc. It's great to be able to immediately see your build is working well! TL;DR DD2 combos are lackluster compared to OMD combos. While by no means am I saying they should be exact copies of OMD goodness, I still think that DD2 combos need some serious rework and dev love. Combos could be awesome instead of being just...meh.
  10. There's one thing that bothers me a lot, considering I'll probably take the "earn it" approach - that I'll have to spend up to maybe 3-4 weeks earning the new content by...playing the old content. What I expect from any kind of an update is to bring back all the players who got bored (looking at my steam friends list, aside from a few stubborn people farming wyvern tokens every 3 days, nobody is playing DD2 anymore). How on earth are those people supposed to want to come back, if in order to unlock the new content, they have to grind the old content first, for up to a month or even more? By no means am I saying that having to work for new stuff in the game is a wrong strategy - I just think that at this particular stage in DD2 it could backfire. Granted, we can pay for the new stuff with gems, but some of us might not want to or not be able to. I'm a hoarder, I'll probably still be sitting on my leftover 3k gems when DD3 comes out, so I'm more than eager to earn the new hero myself. But...at this point, farming DD2 (as it is now) seems like a particularly unpleasant and annoying chore. I see more than one person just saying **** it, and closing DD2 until a more substantial update hits. By a "substantial" update I mean an update that adds things to the game when it's released, not a month after... Here's to hoping that we'll get something else to occupy ourselves with while doing the grind for medals. Best case scenario - we would get the old DD1 maps around the same time the medals start to drop. Hell, at this point I'd take anything, as long as it's something new...
  11. Ugh I had access to OMDU beta and never got around to playing it. But sure as hell I'll be jumping in when it comes out - I had a great time with both OMD and OMD2, and from what I've seen in developement emails, OMDU is packed full with new content and mechanics, while conserving the core of the game. Me likey. 3 things contribute to that factor: Character dialogue, especially from the idiot war mageSatisfying and rewarding combos that actually have a huge impact on the overall score and progressTowers and weapons that are fun to use YET don't blind you (I'm looking at you, DD2 excessive weapon and tower effects!)
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't they also supposed to address the layoffs today? At this point I'll take anything, and by anything I mean anything concrete about the game. If the devstream ends up being just an awkward "we know what you expect but we don't have it" thing again, then I hope we can at least make them give us the ETA for abyss lord update so that I know when to return to this game (right now, Darkest Dungeon is pissing me off less than DD2 and it's immortal bugs, and that is saying ...a lot...). Peanut butter +milk +bananas +spinach +honey
  13. Loving this one. While it would probably be too unreliable to use in endgame, it's still a cool idea and I would like to see it in action. Personally, what I'm missing the most in current DD2 defenses, is pure utility towers. Other tower defense games are chock full of boosters of all kind, all we have in DD2 are ice towers and barely ever used monk boost. We're missing gold bonus towers (any kind of currency/mana booster), hero boosters (other than seren large sphere), armor/resistance reducing towers, picking up gold/mana before the cap makes it dissapear etc. etc. I would really like to someday see some well designed utility towers in this game. And...that DU limit allows us to actually build them XD Some examples for decent utility towers below: Amp field - Sanctum, Amp Spire - Sanctum 2, also honorable mention: Holo, a tower amplifying projectiles shot THROUGH itCoin forge, mana well - Orcs Must Die 1&2Mana leech on hit, armor tearing, suppressing healing (aoe) - towers (well, gems, really) in GemCraft, absolutely loving figuring out the many different ways in which these gems work togetherGold magnet - Plants vs zombies, a tower (ok, actually a plant...wait, no, wasn't it a mushroom? XD) that picks up the coins before they dissappearEye thingy tower that reveals cloaked enemies - Prime World Defenders, who knows, maybe we will get some partially invisible enemies in DD2 one day :)That's about as many as I can remember off the top of my head.
  14. ^ The more game modes, the better. And absolutely not spheres - game modes would probably be less buggy and there would be no problems with players equipping different challenge spheres at the same time. Also... Imagine a situation, where you're breaking into nm3/nm4 and someone equips a challenge sphere for boss health on wave 4 of Betsy, without consulting with anyone. All your hard work goes bye byePeople joining games with highest possible difficulty increase spheres equipped just to mess with you, and since trolls do exist in DD2 and there is no ban function (we all know how long you sometimes need to wait for a kick vote to go through, if people even decide to vote at all)Even more time spent on discussing in public games, who wants what. Again, if it was a game mode, everyone would know exactly what they wanted and why they're there - since they selected the game mode on the map and all. Exploits, exploits everywhere. Yes for more challenging game modes, as we all proposed countless times, hell no for challenge spheres, sorry dream.
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