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  1. I never liked the Barbarian in DD1 myself because he literally had 0 towers. While DPS is good, he needs towers that fit his hero. With the changes on how they look at and do towers I think they could very well do that. Towers that synergize with his kit rather than making him have 7 abilities and you mash left click. With the sphere system you don't need to have 4 stances instead of towers. Promise me towers with him and I'd be interested in seeing what he can be designed for.
  2. Archers:archer: are not immune while coming out of their spawn, because of the fact that they can attack things far enough away(Good example would be the Warping Core challenge). However, Mages:mage: can be more annoying by keep healing while stuck in their spawn, re-raising skeletons from a good range, and sometimes throw fireballs which reach a decent length away as well. This is especially troubling if the monsters get congested in their spawndoor, in which leads to 20+ mages summoning skeletons and healing. They are more likely to get congested on survival and other large wave maps, and
  3. You know this could be solved with Outfits having an opposite gender model for each class. Gender is just cosmetics in the game and while the cinematic and story would keep the original look, playing the game it should be ok to look different.
  4. I agree this would make farming too easy. However, a better suggestion is to let higher cost items have more priority and thus stick around longer. Mana is different and should stay the same.
  5. I was playing the other day and got Hermes from surviving wave 14 of Pure Strategy on Servents Quarters on Medium. I tried him out and then made sure he was locked so I wouldn't sell it. I come back today and find him missing from my inventory. While it was only a Medium pet, I would still like it restored, as it took me a long enough time to do the level to get him. If you look on the leaderboard you'll see my character RedStorm as the top score to beat Medium Pure Strategy on Servents Quarters.
  6. The wizard(:mage:) in the Throne Room has a pathing bug, making him walk straight off the path for no reason. Only happens on one side. Was playing Medium Pure Strategy.
  7. I agree that there should be an Item Reset feature. There would be the cost of the reset and I would assume that if you're resetting an item, then it must be worth it. Lower level and common items wouldn't be valuable to reset, but rare and high level items would be. For instance, you might spec one of the unique items from the Steam package in a way that you regret or do not want. I for instance want to reset my Pyro Familiar's stats.
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