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  1. @iamisom Any idea when Abyss Lord's defender medal cost will be reduced from 12,000 to 10,000? Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since he was released so will it happen then or will we have to wait for next week's update?
  2. Camera sensitivity settings would be nice. Rotating the camera right now feels very slow. Change it to always let you rotate when placing towers so that we can rotate the camera while rotating towers. Sometimes it's hard to see where exactly you're pointing your tower if you're near a wall and it's not too hard to double tap X to place without rotating. The jump and interact (loot, open chest, talk to NPCs) button should be split up. Maybe move interact to R3 since ping is on L1 -> R1 already. Add hero level to the UI. Currently there's no way to know what level you are other than the
  3. That's a lot of negative casting speed for a tower weapon. Not sure if it would be worth much.
  4. That's not 114 to every stat. There's no trap reset speed. :(
  5. Now I need a 230^+ monk and huntress weapon with 120+ tower speed, health, and damage. Also need a large 230^ squire DPS weapon. Preferably a katana, lightsaber, greatsword, demon blade, or hammer. Steam ID: SaiZn
  6. Doesn't hurt to ask anyways. :P Thanks for the weapon! Pretty cheap.
  7. I'm looking for chain armor with 100+ upgrades and tower stats with all 4 res. I also need a monk weapon with 800+ ranged damage, additional projectiles and 220^+. Steam ID: SaiZn
  8. Ok then. I guess items are supposed to be able to have 0 upgrades.
  9. I think the highest amount of upgrades for anything is 255. Someone found a 0 upgrade item which I'm guessing is supposed to be 256 so I'm assuming that the thing that happened with stats going to negative from positive is also happening to the number of upgrades.
  10. I have a 246^ tower staff. Tower stats are 141/161/162/138.
  11. Are you talking about defense boost or the number of defenses to boost?
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