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  1. First Hitmonchan, glad you've gotten the role of community manager, congrats, etc, etc.

    Not to water that down but in regards to this:

    Earning Mythical Defender is no small task. One must brave the treacherous perils of Nightmare mode on every Campaign map — a feat only .2 percent of our defenders have completed so far. For some, the sweet taste of victory is reward enough, but we recognize others may require a slightly more tangible prize. Behold! The Outlander Hunter skin has landed (or should we say arose, *hint* *hint*)!

    Once again Trendy manages to peak interest and then utterly disappoint, one class of the non-core classes gets rewarded?
    So you have to play one class in particular and still be in the smaller percentile of a 0.2% to get a reward.

    Glad I'm going away for a few months, TE made a great game but whoever makes the majority of the decisions has little to-no understanding of how to satisfy a customer.

    Who comes up with these ideas? You're a young company, and I don't mind when people are still learning...

    But you're basically alienating a large percentage of your player base (by screwing up the difficulties with superloot, etc.) and then alienating the smaller percentage that's already been alienated.

    Alien = Non-Human = Fail to make more $$$

    Trendy is quickly putting their name in their dirt over, over, over, and over. The players here have given you everything it takes to be successful, now you're simply choosing not to do it.

    I'll give this game one more chance in a couple months, I honestly hope someone is fired or a voice of reason appears somewhere to fix these obvious mistakes before they happen.

    If Trendy Entertainment ever wants to make a second title and have it sell, they've got a lot to fix and learn.

    It's really a shame, the game was great, but just keeps getting worse by the minute.
  2. Another dead giveaway is when at item is sold, it's 1 level off maxing. Most sellers won't bother manually upgrading the gear, but cheaters can simply modify a number.

    I'd like to veto that personally, a lot of sellers do this to items so that they aren't named. I can see the logic, but I'm going to disagree.

    And once you have mana overflow, you start finding items to dump it into so that you don't lose it. Weapons make great mana tokens.

    Not saying this is always the case, but I know it's used by more then a few.
  3. My opinion, Hybrid with more focus in DPS.

    Reasoning: Upon reaching end-game it becomes possible to find pieces that can be puzzled together to make a great set, if playing legit and finding the items yourself (as shops are hard to validate as to where they come from)...

    You can easily have a great hero who can build towers. This ultimately gives you that active boost which compensates for the lack of stats you placed into Hero. Again you can only really build to the point of gear in this game, but if you can find well balanced pieces on the side of DPS, go for it.

    Of course this is assuming it's a builder with solid towers... Auras and Traps I'd leave to a pure builder.

    Be wary of any equipment that seem too good to be true (I.E: two hundreds all around, no negatives, or greater.)
  4. Definitely have range increase the size of walls to a noticeable scale, imo. I think they should be more expensive, but possibly dealing more damage as Cee states above.

    I don't like the idea of lowering their cost, personally. The squire towers should be beefy and hit hard, but as such cost a lot.
  5. Lol, Vivi was showing you their strategy in the picture, hence their post.

    "Tower gear like that could be legit if u are able to do HC NM MM Misty Survival" in regards to Suntouch's comment about his/her gear...

    It's not, nor can it be. Gear simply does not drop with high enough stats all around, if it is high in one thing it will definitely be low in another, paired with negatives, etc, etc.

    The bottom line is as of this moment, unless you personally have had the gear drop you cannot be certain of it's validity. It's a sad fact, so saying that you got it from clan mates, just kind of leans towards saying your clan cheats :/

    I'm focused in DPS w/ misty survival gear on an App, farmed every piece personally, I've got near 1800 in hero atk with a weapon that has 13.3k in it's attack and I'm just close to 4mil to put it in perspective, and this is with gear that's been farmed from dozens of misty survivals (wave 20)... So you're saying you have some pretty amazing gear.

    Fact of the matter, you can't claim it's legit b/c it simply isn't possible, it has been tested by people and after speaking with them they've confirmed the same thing. The later waves have been reported to drop some amazingly high stat pieces but no single one on record has been "perfect" it seems the best you can do is have pieces from lower waves with more balanced stats in regards to hybrid.


    And as to the original post, it's mostly just time consuming with rebuild, repair, rebuild, repair while keeping the bosses attention, personally I recommend pushing the four defensive lanes as close to the spawn as possible, but this strategy is what worked for me and might not work for you :)

    Good luck!
  6. I can understand the tower comment, it does require you to keep lanes clean, but I use mostly defensive towers, so it has little impact on them, hence I rarely have an issue with it I guess in that regards.

    I think you really just have to adapt your playstyle a bit for em, as I usually just kill em off while running around repairing lanes/dps'ing. They're barely noticed if at all, at least that's my two cents.
  7. I thought about the hp thing too, but it'd be complicated b/c if it boosts the maximum hp, then you'd have to heal it, and then it'd go back down when you're outta range....

    Which is why I figure the used damage resistance on Squire instead of that.
  8. "Variety among the huntress/ranger weapoins: currently feels like only a handful of them are useful. DT being best. bonebow. CT (laser pistol). the others dont' seem to do enough dmg to make it worth the upgrade. so it makes it so ther aren't a lot of useful weaps for huntress. The piercing of DT makes DT very strong. i'd rather they buffed the other weapons rather than nerf the DT"

    How about variety for all the classes, bloody elves :P

    I'd really like to see two things:

    Forge option - Forge two pieces of the same type (two chest pieces, two staffs, etc, etc) and be able to take the stats/model/quality you like from the other. Make it so the items must be fully upgraded to be forged together and that they become an unforgeable weapon. (I.E: Can only be forged once)

    Pet "Salon" - Change their colors, perhaps even elemental atk type, rename them, pay to upgrade their size amongst other options.

    Thats all I really want besides that pimp suit I've mentioned since day one :P

    New Edit 1/7/2012:
    - Players HOST an AFK shop by selecting a mission titled "AFK SHOP" this would allow all players to access it, (I.E: the ones who don't own the DLC) and help prevent SHOPS from showing up in the games section.
  9. Those invisible spiders that cast their invisible web on you in multiplayer.

    Or those you can see, but it's too late as you're already webbed, yet they're still just dropping down onto the map...


    Lol, I have seriously never understood why people have so much trouble with them, just stay mobile and kill em off. They're slow and easy to avoid. Even if they do manage to web you, walk in front of a defense and problem solved :)
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