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  1. While all the mentioned modes would be cool to see...

    Basically it rolls like this:

    Options, various modes of gameplay, and other forms of variety improve the game, period.

    CTF is still in alpha phase, as we've heard a thousand times.

    But there is nothing wrong with ADDing new types of gameplay to an existing game.

    The Tower Defense has not been taken away, you are not required to play the FPS or PvP aspects to acquire the achievements, etc, etc.

    In fact, CTF is something that KEPT MacPimpin's interest in Dungeon Defenders.
    They didn't do anything wrong in any aspect, and there have been a lot of CTF matches that are enjoyable to break away from the same grind of Summit, Spooktacular, etc, etc.

    No reason to be angry :)
  2. Big RPG gamer, but Elder Scrolls just doesn't have it in my book. Games like KoA:Reckoning have more of the idea... It's not just about the world you're in, but how it feels. Thus games like Witcher 2 did excellent, the point n click obsession of a majority of RPG's is just terrible... might as well be DOS:

    "You enter a room what do you?"

    I'd rather play games that said this vs. aforementioned Skyrim:

    "!!!! A Slime Approaches !!!!"
  3. MacPimpin sees where you're coming from...

    However number 3, especially in regards to glitter MacPimpin will disagree. Huntresses think they're the only DPS on the block sure... (which obviously isn't the case) But, hell if three huntresses come in when doing this map, and just sit on a crystal MacPimpin is content as a mofo.
  4. I hugely disagree with you saying the Squires HP is too much. I play a huntress and i can kill a squire in about... 5 - 15 seconds. If they block, about 30 - 40. However, a Squire is SUPPOSED to be built like a tank in pvp. Every game has them. If you can't kill him alone, find a way to team gank him. If you can't do that, good luck in pvp. If a Squire has a good weapon, and you have terrible armour and a sense of pvp play, how is that his fault? Kinda confused there.

    In regards to the Huntresses speed if they run about majority of the time, and do nothing, unless coming very close to attack you, what harm are they to you? :/ Huntresses range in pvp must be increased. We can't do nothing, esp vsing meele chars. Vsing mages is just auto lose, they just have too much range.

    Sidenote - Would like to see the use of pets in pvp (nerfed for pvp if possible, however back to normal in pve). It would work like a kind of switch, in pvp, a 4k per shot animus would do about... 400dmg?? maybe? I dunno. A fairy would do about 50hp healing?? Again, i dunno.

    Just expressing my views anyway.



    You've obviously yet to come across a Squire Health build for this. I'm not saying remove the health from Squires, I'm saying there needs to be a cap, huge difference.
  5. I honestly don't recall what the base stats were, they were decent, but all the upgrades went into damage and speed for the most part. In regards to the Mad Jack question... still I haven't seen anyone come thru with a staff that tops what I've been using, though I wouldn't mind seeing it... would give me something to shoot for :)
  6. MacPimpin has enjoyed slaughtering the masses in capture the flag, err... run with flag and kill flag running people.

    However the games I play usually look like this:

    If the image doesn't show up, or you're just too lazy to view it, in a nutshell it doesn't matter how many people you kill or how skilled you are....

    If there's a squire with an absurd amount of health and good defenses, it doesn't matter.
    Now I know, Capture the Flag (really killing me calling it that too) isn't about how many people you kill... but really Squires are still very unbalanced with this...

    If you want to give Squires more health to compensate for the lack of range, I'm cool with that. However, there needs to be a cap. Due to the game being scored by how long you hold the flag it's a major disadvantage to other classes if one class takes forever to kill.

    That being said, MacPimpin is enjoying the bloodbath....

    (there needs to be some sort of fix for the "kicking" people thing as well, PvP with the ability to punt someone better then you is just well... like trying to slap Zeus in the face with a fish)
  7. so we have a few kids running around with an older woman... interesting :P

    someone has to teach them how to pew pew. and even by elven standards the huntress is still 'young'.

    The older woman teaching the younger men how to pew-pew, this.... certainly is the way of the Mac.

    MacPimpin Salutes this chain of events.
  8. "apprentices should be kicked on sight if you are trying to get the most..."

    Obviously, someone's never played with MacPimpin.

    -experience = doesn't exist when you reach 70, if you ever really had a problem with it.
    -other stuff = didn't hear you, too busy winning.
    -third note = MacPimpin salutes you for passion, but you let a Wyvern get by, epic fail.
  9. MacPimpin understands the need to Nerf/Balance the game, and highly amused at the willingness to say "nerf" in updates, however.....

    The people of Etheria once had to hold down Invest buttons for a mighty long time to make their uber weapons, like the VWs of old, etc, etc.

    And while this patch doesn't effect MacPimpin, he feels that a couple simple steps could alleviate the unhappiness, that the Macolytes are feeling....

    1. Obviously, as the people have told you a little warning + fan input for upcoming Nerfs if possible. Helps prevent people wasting mana into weapons etc, etc.

    2. When a weapon gets Nerf, offer a buy-back option of some sort. To at least allow people the chance to get their mana back, as spending at times 4mil + an upgrade for levels can make players go irate.

    3. Create a DPS cap now, rather then later. I think something around 80k DPS should be the highest obtainable with making the game still fun and a challenge. This creates a level of balance and not so extreme nerfing ideals.

    4. Create a shop room for players, as well as allow an option added to search to hide/view them while searching for games. At times the game list is flooded with "Billy Bob's Shop" etc, etc.

    5. Keep up what you're doing, MacPimpin salutes you for this highly enjoyable game he has been experiencing. :demon:
  10. Yeah I can't even play atm, kinda sucks just broke 1st place on Insane, MonsterFest :( I absolutely cannot start a game, attempting to see if I can join one now, but even if I use different characters game crashes every single time I get to the "Entering Tavern" loading screen.

    windows 7 x64 ultimate, 12GB Ram, i7980 etc, etc...

    (Edit: Can't even enter another game's tavern, my instinct is telling me it has something to do with what to sell in the tavern based off of level completed, etc, etc. However I can still join a non-tavern game.)
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