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  1. we was not arguing just trying to make the build strongner as u saw it needed that because we died :P i was dibating if the build was strong enough and them 5du coould of made us lose in another way... if some one is ''arguing'' about some think in game suck as a posion of a build its just showing there imput to try and make things run as smooth as possible no matter if it is a bad choice.

    That wasn't the crystal that died Louie! :P It was that teleporting Ogre, lol
  2. So like MacPimpin does, I joined a random group of players before bed, ended up arguing for an hour about 5 DU's, and then played for a few hours with a nice group I wandered into...

    Gave away a bunch of Trans gear, couple Supreme weapons, bloody Monk was out DPS'ing me in my old gear

    Still, good to see there are players out there who just want to enjoy the game, reminds me of the good old
    days :P

    Just throwing it out there so people might give it a chance who have been reluctant to do so, never know if a Macolyte might cross your path and hook you up in the process ;)
  3. I spent probably the past three days primarily doing survival runs, finally came across pretty much the perfect weapon...

    Yet even though its base damage outputs higher I lose a considerable portion of DPS due to the elemental being absurdly lower...

    yet when I use poison or electric supreme weapons they kick out 6x's as much....with virtually the same amount put into the elemental stat?

    Is this a known thing or a glitch or what? Anyone familiar with this? It's an App weapon that's in question, if that helps clarify.
  4. If I tell you that I could do Aquanos Survival NM HM MM without building anything simply killing all the stuff with my dps char, would you believe me? No! So if you make a claim you should be able to back it up somehow. So saying "I do Aquanos Survival NM HM MM without EV and summoner!" should be backed up by something, something else then claiming to be able to do so.

    If I hide on an level 1 alt on the WoW forums and tell people that I'm a multi season gladiator they're not going to believe me either untill I actually post on that char and even then some people will accuse me of having bought said char on ebay.

    Well if people have credibility established I would take what they said as truth, naturally. Though I could see Aquanos with just auras n walls, if the four people playing had enough DPS and skills. Sadly hard to find three talented DPS players these days to test.

    I've played this game for ages, led a group of about 200 players during it's peek, made sure all of my members carried legit gear, and helped out lower level players often. I had to leave for several months due to work, but put in time helping getting some things fixed in the game for the Beta group before I bailed out.

    Shame, that my word can't be taken at face value :/

    Though at the same time, the argument has already been discussed and put to rest in another thread. This constant obsession that it ISN'T possible unless YOU see it, is becoming awkward to read, lol. I know perception is a large part of reality, but simply saying it isn't possible is no different then saying it is.

    It's just a battle of words for no reason, lol.
  5. The assumption conflicts with direct statements from a Trendy team member. I assumed it was "beta" because it would not include all of the content (monsters from each Shard part) until the 4th part was released, finalizing the main changes of the difficulty.

    This was the understanding I was under as well.
  6. Well it is a gear based game above all else, so the above comment about 'approaches being denied' is absolutely true, I don't understand this whole dire need for proof?

    If someone says they can, they probably can, take it at face value?
    The game can be beaten with the core characters.
  7. 1) Boost Apps to be on par damage wise with Monks (they already get hero boost to be the giant advantage) Everyone I've talked to loves their App, but won't play em b/c Monks DPS output is higher (this doesn't mean nerf Monks :P)

    (Can't blame a Mac for tryinggggggg!)

    2) Loot filters, in some capacity, either have icons, instead of colored dots, show up for the loot types (Transcendent, Supreme, and Ultimate) or allow players to filter what dots show up on their map... Even best would be an auto sell option players could toggle (selling off gear below the one they least instantly) I would absolutely love that.

    (Excess: Still hoping for a pimp suit, would love a new sword for Apps, & I personally think a cat-helicopter like the one the guy made (on youtube) would be an awesome pet.)

    Otherwise looking forward to the conclusion of the shards! :) :apprentice:
  8. Don't get me wrong, I like the fact that things show up blue, purple, yellow... it helps a lot when shifting through gear on these giant maps...

    But how about an option to say filter out what shows up on the map? or a different shaped icon, I've almost passed over a piece or two of supremes, or might have, simply because they're hidden under piles of blues and dark shapes....

    filter, icon, something... help a Mac out :D

    Anyone else feel this way?
  9. I probably would use my favorite character if it wasn't so frail on NM. :(

    I'm assuming it's an App! I'm bringing em back if it's the last thing I do, lol.

    I've got my stats in the mid 2k's and my damage over 3k, debating getting this bloody summoner see if I can work my way to four supreme pieces, lol...

    just intime to be under geared again when the next loot comes, lol.

    But still... Apps for the win! :D
  10. I think he is saying "pay to win" as the end game survival is now all but impossible with out the ev and/or summoner or hax

    to those who are going to say its not I have yet to see any one prove it can be done

    I still only use a monk for auras, squire for walls, n an App for fireball towers....

    same basic deal applies, just protect the crystals, box em in, face towers against each other to prevent spiders or sharken do their part... ensnare/electric auras, fireball kills anything the electric doesn't. Melee the Djinns with App (or monk if you really must follow the trend)

    Still my comment about not being able to get a decent amount of Supreme Armor stands, the looting system basically makes it impossible unless you have a Summoner.

    otherwise, I don't own any of the classes beyond the Gender Swap, and rock it just fine.
  11. why don't you do it solo?If nightmare has become so easy it should be no problem ?

    Aye it is not a matter of inability, it's a matter of the only reason I play this game is for co-op :)
    I like battling things with other heroes... didn't even think to mention that! :D (Thanks for the clarification, Alhanalem ;))

    Rainbow Frog Guy, hell yeah look me up mate, "MacPimpin" on steam :D
  12. I like: Chinese Dragons, I dislike: Pets that are not Chinese Dragons.
    I like: DPS/Hybrid Apps, Wall Squires, & Aura Monks, I dislike: Huntress, Series Ev, Summoner, Barbarian, the alt genders.
    I like: MacPimpin, anyone who has fun, the making nightmare easier. I dislike: Everyone I used to play with being gone.
    I like: Spiders, Sharken, Ogres, Whatever those things that turn enemies gold, bosses dragons. I dislike: Crappy players.
    I like: Turtles.


    I would like: to find good players that still play or that I didn't know before hand.
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