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  1. Get an aquanos staff with more than 150^ and a good seahorse.

    Then tell me how bad that dps is :).

    Given, were fragile, but were not in that bad shape. * looks at huntress/ranger* ...*pats*.

    Edit : I do think apps and huntress should be buffed btw.
    I believe the monk is in a good shape and its fine. It should be the benchmark for others classes. Berfs are never fun. Buffs however ...:)

    Oh I'm full Supreme, lol. I output probably close to max possible, sure I could upgrade a few slots somewhere, but for the most part solid across the board (not quite 4k in hero dmg, but just underneath, went for health as well.)

    Seahorse naturally does an absurd amount of damage, lol.

    And Classic, I agree that no one enjoys Nerfs, it just seems that he is too powerful in comparison to others... I gave a monk my old set of armor and a supreme weapon and he literally was flying through monsters with ease while I had a good 1000 stat increase on him and I was left hustling just to try n keep pace.

    a thousand stat point should count for something at the very least, lol.
  2. Again I suggest the possibility that having Supreme Armor already equipped or high level Trans increases the return of loot, it may not, but... I see 2-3 Supreme armor pieces every Aqua run, I start at wave 18 (free seahorse).
  3. Been doing Aquanos NMSV up to 30 for a while now. Got ONE good supreme armor piece and some transendent. Now I'm doing Aquanos NMSV MixMode and wave 20+21 gave me 100% CRAP! FFS, there has to be SOME guarentees when you do the game at the hardest levels?!?!

    If loot isn't changed drastically with this next patch I'm out and not coming back...And my friends feel the same way aswell!

    It's wave 25+ Mixmode Aquanos that the good gear starts to drop, once you have a Supreme weapon, play four Summoners solo (using controllers or controller emulation).... The gear you'll stash after being able to do wave 25-30 over n over, will have people crying hacks left n right. Promise.

    (Also while I'm not sure if this is a factor or not, it seemed to help by having all of the four characters in great trans armor that's dropped prior... I noticed a great increase in stats and gear when I already had good gear on them. Not sure if it is a factor, but it really seemed to make a difference) I have three characters in great full supreme sets, and working on a fourth....

    Just in time to be outdated again, lol.
  4. I do have a 74 monk, but he's aura builder :) Usually my problem would not be killing the boss, but killing the boss(es) before the mobs wreck my defenses - and as logical consequence, the crystals :)

    I'll see if i can get someone to help me with the bosses this evening, its gaming+beer friday for me :D

    Thanks for all the help again!

    - PK

    I'm literally signing in at the moment, if you need help.
  5. :apprentice: MacPimpin just got it, woot.

    A few months short of a years worth of posting on the Dungeons, gotta say MacPimpin has seen the best n worst of this place, have had disagreements, agreements, greatness, and shame....

    But it's almost always been fun...

    Well minus those 9+ hour survival runs back in the day, lol.

    There used to be giant groups of players getting together all the time, to the point people were fighting to get into the iUMF runs... in the days before Nightmare.....

    The holiday decorated taverns, miss the Halloween theme'd tavern <3

    So, as MacPimpin celebrates his 1000th post, anyone else feel like sharing their favorite things in all the various patches of this game.

    Still Mac's favourite was when Spook first came out and got that Godly Flaming Mad Jack with 32 upgrades that was straight boss, it was untouchable for it's time. Cost the mana cap 10x over to upgrade... but was worth every penny. <3

    Oh and Chinese Dragons, love those things :)
  6. I recall a time a few days ago when I was carrying a group thru shipwreck monsterfest nightmare, and when there was maybe 20 enemies left on the very last wave I started selling the defenses, b/c well... it didn't matter at that point, lol.

    Of course they kicked me, to which I had to be amused because I don't think realized I was doing it at a point it absolutely didn't matter, lol.

    Though the irony is there's a good chance they lost because they kicked the only guy with DPS who was going to wipe out those last enemies after he sold their defenses.


    So this is the amusement of pick up groups, is the overall fear of something going wrong...

    Cracks MacPimpin up everytime.
  7. My fellow brothers (and sisters) in arms,

    We have faced many great battles, we've become victors in the great Elven vs Magi war of 2011, we have slain countless dragons, endured endless labours building towers for our helpless peers...

    and we have succeeded in each and everyone, but somewhere in my 6 month absence we have lost the lead as a great DPS that we once were.

    I'm torn between thinking we should be given another boost in DPS or if the Monk needs nerfed.

    While in the past I considered the monks our allies, I know wonder if their power has become too great.

    The MacFather Himself.
  8. Cue the picture with the turtle who came to do two things, one of which is eat lettuce...

    Google its, it cannot be posted here, it's not overly vulgar, but not PG-11, like Trendy is :P
  9. Guys never lead a girl on if you don't know what your getting yourself into. And girls same thing goes for you too.

    Tis why MacPimpin always introduces himself as a Polyamorus Sarcastic ******* who is completely insensitive and loves purple.

    Honesty, most attractive quality in a woman. I'm sure women think similar of it in a man.

    (Edit: I didn't use a swear word there, but hey apparently the term is censored and it makes it look like something else that may also apply)
  10. Cha,

    I had a friend of mine lose her house in one of the wildfires, she had a traumatic experience with it, etc, etc. It was a tough time for her, luckily she managed to get out of the danger area safely, etc.

    This was several years ago, and now she has more children, an absolutely beautiful new home with more space and is happy beyond belief.

    I share this basic detail of a story to simply tell you, that before you know it you can be back on your feet, possibility of having more then you had before.

    Materials items can be lost forever sure, but most of them can be replaced, and for the ones that can't you still have the memory of.

    Everyone is alive, that is worth more then anything.


  11. @MacPimpin: I dont mind buying equipment to get my toons better, but i really dislike the mana token thing; It feels awfully wrong to put mana into pieces to bloat them to 600M worth at the tavern keep and lose about half of the actual mana you put into it -_- I wouldn't not mind browsing your shop if we can get to some other payment agreement than mana tokens if i find nice expensive stuff :) (Edit: Just to clarify, i do not mean real money or anything like that; I mean i pay you back in blocks of 600M mana for a few days or something like that. RMT is a big no-no!) Just add me on Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197970578462 (hope thats the right link!)

    Will do, except I dont charge lol, code of a Mac, the only time i open my shop is to raise my mana back up to 2bil, lol.
  12. Thanks for the offer! Well, i do have a trans staff and two trans armor pieces; So basically you could help me by telling me what map i can farm where actual good trans armor pieces might drop; Yesterday on throne room NM HC MM Survival only weapons for the playing classes dropped (LOTS of weapons, and i mean... hell, so many swords for my squire/countess... why does a sword need a block chance of 700, 900, 1000%+?), so i started to wonder where to farm armour parts that might be better than my pretty high quality myths pieces :)

    - PK

    Aquanos, Aquanos, Aquanos, at the moment there's not an easier map to farm in Mix Mode Hardcore Survival for the best gear in game, of course this requires the Shards DLC and if going for armor, Summoner is a must, simply for the armor only drops. I have Trans gear laying around all over the place, I can literally just grab some and drop it off, what are you looking for, lol. Less of course you like to farm your own gear, which I totally get and respect :)
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