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  1. Last I checked only about 23 people were on the finished list so far, all the portals are directly behind them, literally whichever way the legendary hero is facing go to their back and look about a character space away. Nightmare regular isn't too hard, Nightmare hardcore is insanely difficult, but doable. Overuse Auras.
  2. this sword is awsome! Lol, you're welcome :P
  3. Every pet in the game. If it exists, you need it. Possible to Purchase them? or do you have to acquire them? I know the Wiki mentioned some issue about trading, for example I really don't want to get a rock, but I'm hoping I'll be able to purchase a crappy one somewhere to skip dealing with Talay or what have you.
  4. thanks Ice, I'll go grab all this crap tonight... I knew I shoulda kept all those pets forever ago
  5. Since this is just being activated this patch, I figure this is where it should go, a lot of the steam achievements haven't showed up yet, but they're valid in game.... Just this one... have all the pets... dropped em, rinse repeat, even went and re-did the pets just incase it was too long ago or something... still no dice? Any ideas/word/etc? Anyone have the achievement in game work successfully?
  6. And second successful HC run = pure gold (made sure to have an Adept out as well as the App): http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198019490790/screenshot/939248806961260784 The base was 3k, end result it's pretty much double what I had on my Supreme Staff. Instead of 10mil DPS it does 20, this is including the legendary hero bonus thing.... I'm not going to be able to play in PUGs for weeks, bloody Trendy making uber gears again... -facepalm- (And also if you play multiple characters, the player who is player one will get the costume unlocked) So Ultimate weapons can drop in Cryst
  7. Well the weapons are worth tracking down, a bloody staff with a base attack in the 4k's? that's double what you could get before, though the staff is pretty sick, I must admit... once I get over the frustration it takes to take out that final boss, I'll probably start farming for a good one :D Monk Spear Reward: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/939248806959363317/A90A37147132152469149234BB107255E8EB596C/ Apprentice Staff Rewards: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/939248806959365866/A3281251EE269AF61E419B41451925CD457CA01E/ Comparing that staff to one that I upgraded (sadly it only had a 1
  8. Lol, Boss Gauntlet is the easy part, lol.
  9. Seconded, love how hard this last level is. Its perfect.
  10. I do feel like you should be able to walk on the entire ship though... falling through the wing is kinda lame.
  11. Final Boss, f...m...l.... playing three characters at once at the moment (using them for boosts and what not, spawn count doesn't seem to go up in this map, yay!) :D The Boss hits... hard. This time around I'm going to try and bring a squire along and have him on block from the get go, see if he can withstand the blow, lol. Seriously though, good job Trendy, I will beat this map before going to bed or I will never sleep. (I'm sure someone would be amused at me literally using different limbs to turn boosts on and off and propping controllers to hold down buttons on top of each other)
  12. a jump and a skip and I'll just go on top of this airvent and.... oh, oh you *******s.
  13. Nightmare regular is doable, check off that list just finished a successful run and omg is the reward weapon amazing! I just hope to get a good one to drop! Going to give props to Trendy for the beautiful weapon, but now I've gotta waste away attempting hardcore... I'm not exactly sure how to go without getting hit during an entirely uber powered boss... even tried doing three players at once at the end and using a summoner but they can't plane shift it seems like, (plus way to hectic to pull off on this map successfully)
  14. yes you have to protect them as well, and they give you a decent amount of time imo... you have to hustle sure, so I'd advise leaving the rocks off :P
  15. Oh and almost forgot the portals are invisible from monk on for me, I imagine it's the same for others, it's just behind them like a forementioned... just look for a bit, relative to the same spot the one behind the huntress is. And uncheck hardcore as I believe you don't need that for the achievement, :D lol. But you do need it for the costume... lol
  16. Crystaline dimension is absolutely fun I'll give it that... however getting to the final boss and for some reason being launched off the platform with no visible reasons why.... not amusing.... here goes another 40 mintues, lol.
  17. Evasive maneuvers, auras, auras, auras keys to victory, nods.
  18. Lol! Mac salutes your achievement! How very 300ish of ye! :D
  19. So... when I reach the boss here in a few minutes, will I be expecting to be unable to destroy it? lol.
  20. I think this is likely the main reason they don't release the maximum/minimum values for stats. If they did, hackers would just create items that adhere to flawless top-end stats, knowing that the items they're making could technically be possible to roll. At least now, not knowing, there's a risk involved for them. Like to believe this is the case ;) And Louie, MacPimpin simply had no need to talk about themselves in the above post. That would be redundant to mention oneself for no reason :P
  21. Everyone looks cool but the App :/ The Squire looks sick, the Monk & Huntress look pretty *****in... the App looks absurd, wtf is with that hat... I just hope someday a decent App costume will exist where the masks actually fit, just saying :) -waits to see results after release-
  22. grey-1 Thank you for the reply, MacPimpin had not a clue as to what was so desirable about the weapon... As godslayer2018 had written previously... one's actual tone and meaning can be impossible to detect thru sheer text alone. Mac's intentions were simple curiousity and lack of understanding the desirability of the weapon. Though at times blunt honesty is a factor, blatant rude behavior is not something the Mac tries to achieve... as thus karmose1 hope that it was just a mistranslation/misunderstanding :skeleton: And as far as third person goes, because it's amusing and enjoyable really.
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