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  1. I got mine about an hour ago :D He sucks though, so I haven't been using. Have you found anything unique about it?
  2. Definitely agree with mana travel time. So slow compared to my Jester!
  3. Games like this are often worked on via the internet, either exclusively or partially. It's not a surprise, considering XBLA and PC smash hit Super Meat Boy was designed by just two guys, one living in the west and one in the east. Soundtrack and a few other things provided by a few other guys, also living elsewhere separately. That's just the nature of indie/small-ish games sometimes.
  4. Inspired by a GiantBomb.com thread of the same name that I just stumbled across, I'm really interested in hearing some people's gaming accomplishments. Whether it's single player games, multiplayer games, console games, PC games, let's hear your backgrounds! Or even if you haven't really attempted any rankings seriously, maybe list a fun fact about your gaming background that would be impressive.
  5. I'm not familiar with this exact forum structure but I'd say there's a VERY high chance you can't. Simply make a new account :) You'll just miss a month of join date and 60 posts on your count, none of which really matter in the long run (or the short run for that matter).
  6. ITT: people who don't understand business in general or the video game industry blindly bitch
  7. Hey, Looked around at the wiki and stuff but couldn't find the answers here. When the characters have a Player Skill Level from Novice to Master, does that mean like..the skill required to play them well? Does it mean their potential when played by experts? How strong they are? Some mix? And also, switching out characters in between rounds is possible, right? If so, is it possible to like..put up really good defenses with a character who has points in their towers, but then switching out to a character who is built completely for solo damage? Thanks!
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