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  1. Greetings. Don't let this screenshot fool you. The eggs are flashing about 10 times a second so I had to take about 15 screenshots to nail them. I now have TWO eggs that won't leave. They don't show up solidly, they just flash really quickly.
  2. It's been hatched for 3 days and is even max power and affection (can't evolve it but that is another issue, I assume).
  3. I've been online several times at 1am and haven't gotten the daily. Then last night of having not gotten one for 11 days, I get 3 at about 10:30pm est.
  4. I have a golden cat from a golden gato egg. It is 10 power/happiness but I am unable to evolve it; the button is just greyed out. Just wondering if this is intended or not. I stuffed him so full of cake to evolve him :( Edit: added evolve in the subject.
  5. I still have the issue. Also a possible side? effect is I can't readjust my bags, apparently. I move all my stacked pet reroll stuff to a different bag, I reload a map or the game. They move back. My OCD is starting to kill me.
  6. It'd been a day later and still trying to sell itself, so we'll see if it fixes itself.
  7. Every time I open my inventory, it pops up saying "1 items were sold for 500". But nothing is sold, and I do not gain gold. The first slot of my temp item bag is blank, but when i pick up things, they always start in the second spot. The story leading up to this is we were farming onslaught waves. About 35 or so waves later when everyone had a ton of loot on the ground, most of the items suddenly (and for everyone at once) "fell through the world" into our temp bags. Prior to that I had received a Golden Gato egg, after finishing I found another Golden Gato that I knew I didn't get (someone DID get one the same round I did though, if it matters). Well I go to check out my bags and incubate, and it pops up "1 items were sold for 500". And starts popping up every time I open inventory. I relog a few times hoping to fix it, no go. I log for a while, come play more games, fill my bag up and sell, no go. This cursed message pops up every time I go to find/change gear or swap heroes, and the worst part is YOU CAN'T HIT ESC :(((. Have to click it every time. *Thus the story of the phantom egg (I assume it is an egg since it is for 500). Pretty sure its this guy's fault.
  8. I might be interested, currently only have a 50 squire around 160 ipwr.
  9. What everyone else said about heavy cannon. Even with a barricade stopping at the max range it just doesn't come close in damage to normal cannon. Ever.
  10. I have been using WIndows 10 since the July 29th launch, as well as playing DD2. I've had no OS specific issues regarding it and the game.
  11. I can appreciate the ability to 'level up' ipwr and progress through maps, however having been 50 for a couple days, I am never able to find anyone in public cames. Why? I don't know where they are. We are pigeonholed into doing specific maps that other people may not be on. I don't want to choose random and get crappy ipwr level, and choosing specifics of what my max is seems to be different than everyone elses. There are 78 maps total to choose from in "Free play" and "end game" (which i assume are basically the same) on easy - hard difficulty. Not including nightmare or other game modes. I find it very unlikely i'll be able to find others in that mode choosing what map is good for me. It would be really nice to be able to choose a difficulty then whatever map you like or wanted, rather than having to go for "the highest ipwr". Hopefully this is taken as constructive feedback and not complaining. It does seem kind of nice early on for gear hunting, but the amount of options is overwhelming.
  12. It's awful. Here are some number examples. Betsy Camapign - approx 68k exp Betsy Free play normal - approx 10k exp Liferoot end game normal - 14k exp Liferoot free play hard - 16k As far as I can tell difficulty doesn't matter at all. Maps with more waves that give wave bonuses seem to be best, or betsy since she seems to have built in bonus exp.
  13. Dailies used to reset at 1 AM EST. I know since it would reset at 11:01 for me every night and I'd often do it real quick before bed.
  14. Hmm, well before this wipe it actually would show when the combo occurred on the bottom right and the gold/exp you got. I haven't seen electrify stun show up at all. I was looking for a way to get more exp out of a map if these still awarded it.
  15. I haven't timed the tests however this is what I've found. Besty campaign easy - about 68k exp Dragonfall sewers free play normal - 1bout 111k exp Sewers is 9 waves, but the last 2 are relatively fast, so I'd think if you can handle sewers it is the better option. One thing to note is if you are 100% solo on sewers when level 8 hits, it bugs and level 9 will never finish so you lose about 26k of that exp.
  16. Are combos gone now? And by combos I mean getting exp/gold when you perform a combo. I tried the lightning/geyser and didn't see it going off, wondering if there are different ones someone might have found.
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