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  1. Just a bit of an update. It seems that the Frost Power on armor has built in diminishing returms. I tested on a boost aura and removed a few frost power items that didn't have DP. It seems 1 frost tower only actually has a 20% gain from your items. So with 2677 DP and 134% frosty power, 1 frostbite was providing 717 DP. I removed some to have 86% and 1 frostbite provided 460. Each of these was 20% of the actual frost power in gains. If I could find more legendary pieces ( and pieces with DP, gg double resist rolls) I could see if it is possible to get 100% but I'm not sure. The biggest single boost from the new passives is the staff so stacking them to cap defense speed provides the largest boost. After that the returns are less due to the reduced DP provided. It is still quite overpowered in it's current state, though. Oh and using a boost doubles the DP gained. I suppose that was expected, but still. EDIT: Actually it seems that the DP provided by a frost scales slightly with the tower level (I think, it's really hard to test). T1 boost was receiving 20% DP, T5 boost was receiving approx. 31%
  2. Splody can be used if you know how to place things. I've used them several times. The frost patch isn't letting me do anything I wasn't doing before, just easier.
  3. Just did Liferoot where mid rolled double PR. Other than walls total DU count for damaging DU was 8 explosive traps total, 1 blaze 2 LSA, 2 AA. Rest frostbites. My group was utterly dumbfounded at the destruction occurring, and between 6 walls total in wave 1, a total of 1932 damage was taken by them.
  4. In my NM4 maps I wasn't the builder, people never setup frostbites. I did using the sphere because I like to smash them with monk/squire and people thought I was silly, till they saw the usefulness. Now with frosty stuff, its just lol.
  5. I did Nimbus today with a group using my nearly frosty mage. We got to wave 10 before a bird ninja'd to the crystal, but the drops were 798-802 ipwr, so there's another bug there. But yeah, I'd love to choose any (or at least any of the onslaught available maps) and just ride it to the point where it drops equal then better gear than NM4 liferoot incursion.
  6. Frostbite + traps/auras = insane. Hell, if you have perpetual motion barricades they basically keep themselves alive. You could probably even build ranged towers right next to the walls if your slow was good enough.
  7. If they are supposed to stack then the % needs to be cut down. A lot. Like 50-75% a lot. If not and they shouldn't stack, it is probably fine. Highest we saw was a LSA at 291k dps, but it was hard to tell because things died instantly.
  8. I thought they'd just let it cap at 1. More than 1 boosts things in a ridiculous way. Also there is boostception since my frostbite boosts the boost which boosts the towers boosted by the frostbite
  9. Frostbite towers are stacking applying the passives repeatedly. It is hilariously broken.
  10. This was all tested doing NM4 Liferoot Inc Tier 5 LSA 2 frostbite 24061 -> 191777 3 frostbite T5 LSA24061 -> 222k (approx, things were dying fast... hard to see) .62 seems to be LSA's cap. T3 6555 -> 32k trap 7 frostbite T5 LSA 24061 -> 284k
  11. I got the staff drop. Yay! 22% Frost Fire, so 22% of my DP (my mage is in 849 atm) which at the time was 3422. My LSA had 12k dps, jumped to 35k and .86 attack. Traps maxxed at .75 and went from 4k to 12k dps. Awesome! I got a blue boot drop with 0 dp, but 11% Frosty Power. Sweet! I dropped to 3100 DP. Oh, a legendary chest (I never check loot till its in item box but with new passives I did) with 0 dp but 32%!! Frosty Power. 20k LSA -> 67k 1.00 spd since i lost DP. But wait, maybe frostbite stack?... hmm 2 frostbite. 20k lsa -> 167k. I had dropped to 2700 DP but, wow. They are incredibly strong as is, but stacking just breaks the bank. I'll post more as i try more things but.. Edit: 2 frostbite Tier 1 LSA 8021 -> 53371 .62 atk Tier 1 trap 2185 -> 7255 .75 atk
  12. The last time I got a group to do it we went to wave 5 and 3/5 waves had no bosses. The time before that I started soloing it and went the first 3 rounds with only 1 boss. So the group decided to just do incursion for loot. The time before that I solo'd up to wave 4, only 1 wave didn't have a boss but drakkin were stuck for 4-5 minutes in spawn at the end of 4 rounds :\. I just can't get people that have been doing NM4 liferoot incursion to switch over since the chance of loot is so bad.
  13. I miss you :(. But seriously, I really want to play NM4 onslaught, but I can't get people to because the rewards are terrible and the maps are buggy (bosses don't spawn on some waves, for no reason?) I know the dev's have a lot on their plate (lets be real, they probably have at least a dozen plates at an all you can eat buffet) but I, and I know a lot of people would really love it if these (hopefully minor, I don't want to pretend to know how hard it is). Honestly the map bugginess I could forgive, and I think a lot of others if it was "worth" it to play. Have rewards (probably drops too) scale up in ipwr the further in, and the rewards every 3 rounds (most pointedly the money reward if it is going to stay an option, wyvern tokens?). I think these 2 changes would make everyone, or at least me want to play the End Game onslaught. I want to play with some 15m hp ogres! Just my perspective on end game onslaught. (I'd also love to do NM4 betsy more, but it's so hard to get people to do it when she drops lower ipwr than NM4 incursion :(()
  14. I use traps in doing NM4 liferoot incursion. My trapped lanes can 100% handle themselves without a babysitter and unless a ton of fem orcs spawn, walls only need repaired between rounds. Granted my walls are kind of strong... Oh, and blaze balloons are utterly amazing paired with LSA. Blaze kill the fodder, LSA kill the tanky ones. Even subpar explosive traps properly placed are better than just spamming LSA in MR lanes.
  15. I had a group that did it with no LSA a couple days ago too xD. Regular lightning auras, traps, balloons, and AA.
  16. Yes, easiest solution is to not make them stack. That would really cut down the ridiculousness of the ballista passives. Beyond that I think we need to have all the various class item passives in the game before calling for nerf and pointing fingers.
  17. I wouldn't say it is easy at all, especially with a lot lower ipwr. At higher difficulties you NEED to have people constantly babysitting the lane, that itself is enough. If it were easy, you wouldn't have to babysit a wall constantly.
  18. It's true, doing Gates on Hard nets 110k and if you have good gear you don't even have to repair. You can say it about any map really, and I don't see any need to point fingers and calling for reduced leveling speed. Right now as we all know "End Game" is utterly garbage for exp, thus people with high ipwr leveling others go to free play.
  19. I was just about to make a post questioning, it says Onslaught, but not if it has to be NM or what, but since I haven't found any during free play... New Passives Slayer passives can now be found in Onslaught Mode! *guitar riff!* Slayer passives appear on hero-specific items. Added tooltips for Slayer passives. Then removed them. Then put something else in and called it done. It's "functional." Added Drakin Slayer passive on Legendary Shields. Killing Drakins gives charges, and blocking uses those charges to spawn fireballs. Half of the time. The other half of the time it just doesn't work... at all. Dark Mage Slayer passive added on Legendary Magic Staves. With this passive, killing Dark Mages gives charges, and fully-charged secondary attacks use those charges to stun enemies. Lady Orc Slayer passive added on Legendary Bows: Killing Lady Orcs gives charges, and fully-charged secondary attacks use charges to deal extra damage, you monster. Also this passive has no visual feedback. Maybe we'll add it eventually. Kobold Slayer passive appears on Legendary Polearms. Killing Kobolds gives charges, and secondary attacks use charges to spawn death-dealing fireworks and something hilarious we'll let you discover for yourself.
  20. Don't worry, I have had this same issue for a week with no response. Every single time I open my inventory to switch characters, sort, etc. it pops up claiming it sells, but it doesn't. I also am unable to move items from my Bag 1. Every time I do and load again, they return. This is getting really, really frustrating. In fact when I try to organize my Bag 1, anything I put into the places held by pet reroll items get put into my temp item box. If I don't relog right away to notice, POOF goodbye any items that where there. They auto sell when I log back in.
  21. Great. I'm pretty sure it is related to my whole inventory being bugged, but I haven't heard back on that either. It's getting frustrating enough I don't want to login.
  22. What exactly is this golden pixie? Has anyone else been able to evolve a golden egg?
  23. I wish. I made it a point to be online last night at the reset time and I finally got an incursion. Hopefully I keep getting them, preferably without having to be online at the reset time.
  24. Still no daily after today's hotfix :((((( RIP wyvern tokens :\
  25. Bump, still wondering if this is intended or not.
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