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  1. I've seen ogres spawn with different resists in different times during onslaught in the same lane, but that could work assuming it isn't late in the game or if you replace the trap so it doesn't already have millions of damage recorded.
  2. That necro... I haven't crashed for a while. Loading is an issue with the server client and a memory leak, I can usually get logged in after a couple tries though.
  3. My pet here is utterly terrible at 10/25 power and 20/25 affection.
  4. I got my token after wave 17 onslaught. 1 token. Definitely not worth it.
  5. I can't really think of a way to test it, other than I guess trying to compare damage with and without in different games, but that isn't very accurate. Since things die/damage changes so fast on them, I'm not sure how to test it to see if it actually does a ton of damage or just is bugged text. I'm leaning towards bugged text because I've never seen the damage/crit damage on a trap explosion for that much.
  6. With the daily bug and tokens I can sort of see why; however I don't really feel that it is neccessarily warranted. I mean sure, maybe someone has every uber and a betsy pet. So? I bought heavy cannon as my first uber after finishing the monthly, then I didn't get any dailies for 2 weeks. I still was able to build just fine, if someone has LSA great, if not I worked LA/blaze in. Just my opinion but if someone has everything purchasable with tokens, good for them. People that don't, well sucks but I know how it is since my dailies were broke. I don't know. Maybe it's just me. Ubers are great and fun and SOME (qq heavy cannonball) feel uber, but just like the addition of the frostbite patch, it doesn't let me personally do anything I couldn't do before, just a bit easier. This is only coming from the NM4 view of the game though. The currency might be a different issue as I don't know the extent it is but... as much as I want a balanced game I'd prefer not to have a full wipe. Heck, I'd be perfectly fine if they could wipe gear/currency/costumes/whatever if they could leave the 50 characters, then I'd just have to gear up again, not level up.
  7. I'm fine with getting other class passives; however the current data is showing a 12-15% chance to drop an item with a huntress passive while playing huntress all the time. This seems incredibly low to be reasonable.
  8. Yep, seems if it doesn't fully load while in the tavern and you interact with the table its just the blank default. After a few seconds it loads and is fine.
  9. First I apologize for the small population and sample sizes since well, it takes time and I only started keeping track. To begin, each round consists of 5 games of NM4 Liferoot Incursion. I then sort the drops by passives and rinse repeat if I'm feeling sparky. Every game after building I play my Huntress to have a consistent control. EDIT: Added spreadsheet, it isn't pretty or particularly exciting though. Here on Google docs Also sorry, the first round I didn't specify what classes the accessories were for individually, only x huntress y other. I haven't found any multi-class medallions yet, but I've seen them before several times. Added bow drops although I don't know if they are relevant. It could be a good comparison I guess to show what can drop specifically to huntress. I'll include the squire/app leg weapons if/when they drop. Round 1: Squire: 3 armor, 1 weapon Monk: 2 armor App: 4 armor Huntress: 0 armor, 4 accessory -- 33 bows Neutral: 14 armor, 15 accessory ______________________ Total Armor: 23 Total Accessory: 19 Huntress Passives: 4 / 28 Round 2:Squire: 4 armor, 4 accessory Monk: 2 armor, 8 accessory App: 3 armor, 7 accessory Huntress: 0 armor, 4 accessory -- 32 bows Neutral: 9 armor ______________________ Total Armor: 18 Total Accessory: 23 Huntress Passives: 4 / 32 Round 3:Squire: 6 armor, 9 accessory Monk: 4 armor, 11 accessory App: 1 armor, 8 accessory Huntress: 1 armor, 6 accessory -- 34 bows Neutral: 15 armor ______________________ Total Armor: 27 Total Accessory: 34 Huntress Passives: 7 / 46 Round 4:Squire: 7 armor, 11 accessory Monk: 3 armor, 4 accessory App: 4 armor, 5 accessory Huntress: 0 armor, 3 accessory -- 27 bows Neutral: 13 armor ______________________ Total Armor: 27 Total Accessory: 24 Huntress Passives: 3 / 37 Round 5: Squire: 4 armor, 5 accessory Monk: 4 armor, 6 accessory App: 5 armor, 14 accessory, 2 weapons Huntress: 0 armor, 6 accessory -- 31 bows Neutral: 14 armor, 15 accessory ______________________ Total Armor: 24 Total Accessory: 31 Huntress Passives: 6 / 44 Round 6: (this round was quite sad in drop quantity and quality) Squire: 2 armor, 4 accessory Monk: 3 armor, 3 accessory App: 5 armor, 4 accessory Huntress: 0 armor, 6 accessory -- 22 bows Neutral: 8 armor, 2 accessory ______________________ Total Armor: 15 Total Accessory: 18 Huntress Passives: 6 / 27 Round 7: Squire: 3 armor, 4 accessory Monk: 2 armor, 5 accessory App: 7 armor, 4 accessory Huntress: 0 armor, 5 accessory -- 24 bows Neutral: 10 armor, 3 accessory ______________________ Total Armor: 22 Total Accessory: 21 Huntress Passives: 5 / 30 Round 8: Squire: 7 armor, 8 accessory Monk: 1 armor, 5 accessory App: 9 armor, 5 accessory Huntress: 0 armor, 4 accessory -- 28 bows Neutral: 16 armor, 1 accessory ______________________ Total Armor: 33 Total Accessory: 23 Huntress Passives: 4 / 39 Round 9: Squire: 6 armor, 5 accessory Monk: 0 armor, 8 accessory App: 4 armor, 6 accessory Huntress: 3 armor, 3 accessory -- 39 bows, 11 had new passive Neutral: 16 armor, 1 accessory ______________________ Total Armor: 28 Total Accessory: 23 Huntress Passives: 7 / 36 Round 10: Squire: 5 armor, 7 accessory Monk: 2 armor, 4 accessory App: 3 armor, 6 accessory Huntress: 2 armor, 4 accessory -- 34 bows, 7 had new passive Neutral: 16 armor, 2 accessory ______________________ Total Armor: 28 Total Accessory: 23 Huntress Passives: 6 / 33 Round 11: Squire: 10 armor, 6 accessory, 2 weapons Monk: 1 armor, 4 accessory App: 6 armor, 5 accessory Huntress: 4 armor, 4 accessory -- 35 bows, 6 had new passive Neutral: 11 armor, 5 accessory ______________________ Total Armor: 32 Total Accessory: 22 Huntress Passives: 8 / 40 Round 12: Squire: 6 armor, 6 accessory, 1 weapons Monk: 3 armor, 8 accessory App: 6 armor, 8 accessory Huntress: 4 armor,5 accessory -- 29 bows, 3 had new passive Neutral: 11 armor, 5 accessory ______________________ Total Armor: 33 Total Accessory: 29 Huntress Passives: 9 / 47 Of the twelve rounds (60 map plays) if we ignore the neutral armor, IE. no specific class passive, then 69 out of 439 items with class specific passives dropped for my huntress. I would have to rewatch the stream again, but as I recall they basically said when you play x class, you should have passives for x class drop as a majority, just like weapons for x class drop. I can add more as I gather more data, but as I'm sure others can agree with, passives drops seem utterly random regardless of the play you play (who has been trying to get a good amped glove? heh) Although it *seems* to me from past experience monk accessories drop more often than not, but no data on that yet, just what it has felt like. EDIT: Added round 12.
  10. Yeah np, it did the first day or two, since I saw my balloons going insane, then after 5.16 I noticed they didn't. I thought initially the caps on some defenses changed, but then realized while testing frostbite it was them.
  11. DS stacks,you may test it on baloons. No it doesn't. It did, but it no longer does. I've ran dozens of tests. As of the 5.16 patch the DS doesn't stack. And for DP, I've used boost auras to verify. It is definitely additive.
  12. This is not the case. The DP is additive, and the DS doesn't stack at all.
  13. Frost WAS adjusted in the 5.16 patch, even though nothing is in the notes. The attack speed from multiple frostbites does not stack. The DP gains do, but by far the largest gain was from the ease of capping attack/recharge speeds. I don't see anything gamebreaking about it, but maybe if I couldn't do NM4 I might say that. Frostbite doesn't let me do anything I couldn't already do.
  14. There is no Betsy incursion anymore :(. First quest I've run across like this that can't be done it seems. Anyone else experience similar?
  15. So initially I thought that some speed caps were undocumented and changed, which they weren't so that's my bad. What DID change was the Defense Speed provided by frostbites from the staff no longer stacks. My explosive traps without DS spheres were only going to .79 with 1 frostbite, more just added DP. LSA was also not going to .62 like it was yesterday, but stopping at .96. My blaze I believe were getting to .75, or at least 1.0, now they are at 2.23. I did some more testing to test the DP stacking. There may not be a cap on these; however anything past 7 is quite wasteful. I may have seen it shoot to 10x stack once, but I can't be sure. It hit 9x a couple times over about 8 minutes as the mobs were slowly timing out and dying. 8x was somewhat frequent, but not enough to warrant it's use. 7x was more frequent, but otherwise 6x was the majority. There may not be a DP cap from frostbites; however the small goblins have a small hitbox so a small buff area. The larger orc/warboar/femorc have large mass and don't let many in the area, so regardless there is just a physical limit as well. And honestly, even like 4 in a lane tends to be overkill, but this is using my own builders.
  16. Did you move pet reroll items? If so this is the cause. I have moved them before trying to sort my bags, then put gear there. When I load a new map or relog, they switch places and any gear there goes to temp. So don't move pet reroll stuff. And thank god the golden egg bug got fixed. Pet reroll items don't like to be moved. At all. Don't try to sort your bags that have them, just build around.
  17. I've had ogre's stuck but they auto die after a while, just like other things. Takes them a bit longer with the hp though.
  18. I don't believe affection is based on xp. I played End Game Onlaught Hard for several rounds and saw basically no different in affection gain when compared to when I play NM4 incursion. If/when I get around to leveling something else I'll give it a shot again, but I can't see it being that way.
  19. I'm hoping the release End Game Onslaught for all the maps, and make the loot better than LifeRoot Incursions. Don't forget the other xp grind. Onslaught Hard Siphon Sight D (Non-Endgame) Yeap, when loot scales in onslaught it will be amazing. This + the issue with bosses not spawning half the time = onslaught, I <3 u
  20. I received 1 token at the end of round 17.
  21. I don't really see the issue since almost no one even used the frostbites before, let alone any app towers. In their current state they are a bit much, true, but when adjusted I think they will be fine.
  22. It isn't broken. At least not like you think. Did you read any replies? Even with 124% frosty power from armor, defenses do not receive that much DP. Not even half of it. Approximately 31% to a T5 tower. And if anything it makes monk boost EVEN BETTER because it adds DP to them which then buffs more around them.
  23. Cool! I always really liked frostbite especially with the large sphere, now it just gives more incentive to have them around. I like the stacking, and think it might even be OK if frosty power stacked, but frost fire stacking seems to put it over the top with capping defense speeds. Or, you could leave it like this and add NM6-10 :D Having maxxed frostbites in onslaught is fun, I keep thinking about ghostbusters when I see beams all over.
  24. More like... I don't know, penta stack? I suspect there's no limit but things die after a couple balloon pops usually.
  25. This is false. LA has a tiny benefit because it already is so close to ATK spd cap. Blaze balloons are jesus incarnate with this build, and I have them at max range of the frostbite almost. NM4 horde utterly melt to a single balloon. It isn't uncommon for them to do 10-15 MILLION damage in one wave of horde. Initially I'd put an explosive trap or 2 at barricades, and closer LSA, but no more. A single LSA that barely touches the barricade after upgrades is the closest and no traps.
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