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  1. Correct, the amount Phoenix's Call hits for is less than exciting. Additionally Phoenix Flame is completely broken. Phoenix's Luck is the only good passive right now.
  2. I'm considering adding the term "relevant" and tracking mythics/legendaries until this adjusted. When I say relevant I mean, well, at least usable for building or doing damage. I may include tanking pieces (because I named one of my bags HP/TANK when I was starting to do NM4 Incursion but now I don't need it :d) as well, but then it can come down to personal opinion or preference. Well, the other issue is the double (or triple) resist rolls really skew things :(. For example I'd love having frosty power passives with DP/AP, so I can do damage if/when I play my mage and build frostbites. I can't really think of another build I'd want this for though. Well, it's just a thought.
  3. Nothing is wrong with frosty, it has no DP so it's kind of well, bad unless you have none on gloves already.
  4. It is a quest from before the wipe, when that map had an incursion option.
  5. I don't really see how a some of that isn't intuitive. Example movespeed. So what? Sometimes I want to go faster and use medium spheres. Even damage and AP it lets you choose which, or both if you want. And why remove build passives? It changes so much and gives so many options without having someone to level every class.I think removing them and limiting things to weapon only would make the game so much more stale. I think, potentially not having them drop for a few maps in might be good. So like the story line, at say level 20 you get introduced to the HARPOONS OF DOOM to help you fight the Old Ones. And as it is PRE-ALPHA, a lot of these things are expansions+ such as new heroes. I agree being stuck with 0 DP on a piece of armor with 40% frosty power, but that's why I started keeping track. If it is going to actually work as they said it should, it shouldn't be hard getting the passives you want with the right stats once that and primary rolls are fixed. I do think that having 6 small spheres for each of the various stats is kind of a lot though. The campaign mode could do a better job of introducing spheres, I think.
  6. I think multiple difficulties are fine; however let us play the difficulty on any map. The option to have say, NM1-4 ranging from I don't know (just numbers here, though I think I might be close on the ipwr for current starting levels) 200-800 as a base per difficulty to start, then scale up. This way it would let people who are 50 but not high ipwr yet progress through them. I think it's the main issue, and it has been repeated over and over, and it *sounds* like it may be coming a reality when we move to open alpha. It sounded like it anyways from the devstream where they said you can, or will want, to play multiple maps for gear instead of NM4 Liferoot Incursion. At least, I'm hoping for this. Some loot adjustments/scaling and then boss spawning/stuck issues would launch this from "meh, I guess I want a golden egg" to "LETS BATTLE 10 MILLION HP OGRES FOR REAL LEWT!".
  7. I haven't had this issue while collecting drop data. I use frost, explosive, and either elemental chaos or LSA.
  8. No problem! And yeah I said heavy cannonball =(. Another reason I remember so well.
  9. ^^, at first I thought it was just an angle issue since spearmen sometimes miss, but after letting him get close his spear goes right through the eggs, every time.
  10. I'm not assuming, as my first uber purchase I remember I had an entirely full inventory when I went to purchase heavy cannonball. When I bought LSA my first bag was full and gave me the error, but I didn't lose tokens.
  11. Interesting, I have 3 ubers now and have had no issues buying them. If my inventory was full it would tell me so and I'd make a spot.
  12. I received no squire swords last weekend (I didn't even get a drop till a week after the squire patch) but I had about 6 people comment on getting two sword drops from one map (while not on squires), but I've gotten about 5 staves over this weekend while not playing my app. On the day of the frostbite change I got about 8 staves, again not playing my app but I did do onslaught for several rounds. Drop rate doesn't seem to be higher, but then I don't expect much from incursion anymore.
  13. Since the resist rolls on armor bug has came in I have gotten like... 3? upgrades in the past week. A few more if you include frost fire and frosty power, except the majority of those pieces still don't have DP.
  14. Right. Incursion is 850s ipwr, but running onslaught for hours to only start getting to similar power would be rough. I would do it a few times trying to get the unique weapons, but in my opinion that ipwr scaling wouldn't make people want to do it much more than now. I think if you are going to put hour(s) of investment into a single map (or session) you should be rewarded for it.
  15. Yeah I seem to have noticed a few times (maybe coincidentally) that changing something in options lets me in after, but maybe it wasn't related.
  16. Nah, if Nimbus is going to be (or whatever, really) the hardest/higher ipwr then it needs to scale far more than that, since it will be hours to start getting similar ipwr gear that drops in NM4 Liferoot Incursion. Maybe if it started at 800 and was +5 or so every round, but it is still a huge time sink to get lower ipwr than Liferoot.
  17. I suspect that they are planning on (hopefully) letting any map be chosen for similar ipwr. It sounded kind of like that in the devstream anyways.
  18. There are no slated wipes at this point (unless I'm utterly mistaken), and when open-alpha hits there shouldn't be any at all. Which if I recall, is sometime in September.
  19. Right; like I said semi-jokingly in the thread I started about frost and TrendyBrad replied in, was leave them as is and add NM 5-10. Which I'm sure harder difficulties or what not will come, they just have so much to do trying to get to the open alpha state or whatever it is called.
  20. Yeah I could reroll my highest pet which is Lion-o, he is currently on my squire since I was pushing barricade HP.
  21. As soon as the builder leaves anyone can sell towers, correct. Whether it is tavern or a map.
  22. Yeah, when I did onslaught with 4 people and we were only picking up food it took a huge dump into the TIB for all of us at once.
  23. Happens, it would be nice if there was a command (or just auto build in) if it just would dump things to your TIB every few rounds.
  24. Then there is the Betsy incursion daily. Oh wait... you can't do it even though its there =(. I miss you too Betsy. Almost as much as Onslaught.
  25. In my opinion that with a large enough playerbase and (at least now?) no system of trading items or currency, there isn't any huge impact of not wiping. But that's me. I don't really care if someone else has a maxxed betsy pet and every uber with ipwr 890, because it doesn't affect me. But to each their own.
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