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  1. First, the large sphere Serenity Gambit increases the range on ALL monk auras and buildings by 25%. I don't really mind this bug since it doesn't really help regardless but it's there.

    Second bug is the passive Zen Monument is working opposite as it should, making serenity heal slower. The same occurs with the huntress blaze balloon passive as I posted in a separate thread. Fortunately amped works properly though.



  2. I concur. Currently additional people make the map feel exponentially harder. What I can do with 2 people getting through a few waves, 4 people wipe it on wave 1. I can solo some NM1 maps currently, but add more people using the same build/setup and it's just a wipefest. Every time I've added more people or joined a map that got more people, it's been like banging our heads against a titanium wall. Maybe I just suck now and all my previous adventures in DD2 have been due to luck.

    Other than the fact that it seems that only bosses end game still drop loot it's just not fun. Oh, also other than the fact that I played several of both end game and normal over the weekend, I never saw a monk staff let alone more than probably 2 legendaries, total. Maybe I was incredibly unlucky, but the increased drop rate doesn't seem to have existed, and it's felt like this as well on other "bonus" weekends. I wanted hard sure, but this goes beyond hard into not even fun. The risk:reward isn't even close to how hard it is. To put it into perspective, I now have the ogre portion of the monthly done and it wasn't done doing easy easy-insane difficulty (well maybe a few when I was getting some exp on a huntress).

    The only option I can think of is to try to farm NM1 for lower ipwr gear and hope I get legendaries with better passives, which is not exciting at all (again, probably mainly going to the fact I've never seen loot off a non-boss in end game, I have a few times in normal free play). 

    Oh, and not to mention the map "wins" are also currently pretty useless since it's far too hard to actually win with a group, and I'm not a fan of solo play usually.

    I liked, as far as you can like farming, farming liferoot before trying to get drops, and before the wipe xroads/wyvern incursions. Now it just hurts, a lot and isn't fun.


    I agree with the OP and don't intend playing much in it's current state, and I have about a dozen people on my friend's list who feel the same.

  3. There definitely is a physical limit. I don't know who wants to decide what "a lot" is but on most maps, we can use liferoot as an example, 5 is the magic stacking number. It can jump to 8, but with fliers it is really hard.

    Small goblins have a tiny "aura" of the frostbite, so it doesn't go as far. Large orcs are huge, but they also are huge and take up area so not as many things pack.

    If the game is AS IS right now with just a wipe, I could agree with you. From how they talk though, it is going to be super hard. If that is the case, we're talking about (hopefully) 15+ mill hp ogres in NM4, and it may be less of an issue. I also personally suspect they will tone down the stacking amount in the balance pass.

  4. I have 4 50's. My secondary huntress is 34 and the only reason she isn't 50 is because I seem to end up the builder almost every single time I play, and with the addition of frost I just have no room (well, lately I've been going without walls so I can switch out).

    I know lots of people abhor the idea of good exp in NM; however I would at least like to see it decent if not even with free play. Why? If I'm the builder and I'm comfortable with my setup, I should be able to play what I want. If it's hard or someone is just coming to leech, its a different story. I realize there is a fine line between this and that if its a public game and only 3 of you I don't think? you can vote to kick till a 4th shows up.'

    Regardless I'm fine with it. One other suggestion I think would be awesome (maybe overkill? Or maybe not) is having dailies reward exp to all heroes in the deck. Yeah, I said that. Half the time I forget I have a trap kill or tower damage daily and get exp on a hero it is useless on.

    My 2c. Also maybe have exp bonus for 50s include all heroes, in deck or not. While I don't "love" leveling, I don't mind going to free play and chatting with people who join my games there.

  5. Lightning: Are there any plans to investigate drop rates on passives? (re: my thread on this)

    Lightning: Will Onslaught drops scale better in open alpha? Will rewards chosen be better? (No 1 wyvern after 15-20 waves)

    Lightning: Are there any plans for abilities to interact with towers or effects? ie. Tornado increasing burning damage being taken since it is wind, or more abilities to break frozen targets (I think concussion grenade should break them as well).

  6. @Decadent quote:

    @MaximumRico quote:

    I think the bigger issue is the incredibly tiny radius the Phoenix has when it goes up. Unless things are frozen on top of it, or blocked from moving, even a frostbite slowed target will probably be out of range after it triggers it.

    A frostbite slowed target will be dead after it triggers it :P

    Not necessarily but I guess it depends how many traps/auras you use. I only use 3-5 traps or auras in any given lane.

    Either way it really is a tiny radius, if you haven't tried it on dummies give it a shot.

  7. @Shadkillz quote:

    @MaximumRico quote:

    More DP = more attack speed/DP granted. Unless something changed today, while you don't get the full DP transfer as it is scaled back, you do/can get more.

    so, lets say you put 1 frost tower in a lane how much % does your defence increase? and what gear do you have? the dmg buff stacks with turrets, 2xturrets = 2xbuff but how about the defence speed does it stack aswell? or is this why you need more DP? also, i think i read somewhere that the monk aura attack speed is capped at 0,65 is this right?

    It depends on your DP and Frosty Power.

    My testing shows that you gain 20% of the actual Frosty Power on items. So  when I was testing, 100% Frosty Power and 3000 DP, 1 frostbite would grant 600 DP. I believe Frost Fire gets it's full scaling, but the speed portions do not stack.

    I'd have to check my gear now, but I lost a LOT of DP getting frosty power/fire since I couldn't get any with DP and good %. I think I'm in the area of 130% power, 24 or 25% fire, and only 2700 DP.

    The speed portion stacked for a couple days, and I was capping my Lightning Strikes Aura at .62, explosive .75 and blaze at 1.0 or so. I still cap my explosive, but LSA is at .92 or .96 and blaze is 2.28.

    I have a huge margin for damage increase still. The largest damage boost to the defenses is the attack speed (other than explosive, since it is relatively easy to cap those).

  8. Yes, Flame is bugged right now. My guess is they scaled back after the frostbite excessiveness.

    While the number is underwhelming with top end gear, I think it is hard to balance. Blaze Balloons are already incredibly amazing as is. The damage should probably be upped a bit, but I think the bigger issue is the incredibly tiny radius the Phoenix has when it goes up. Unless things are frozen on top of it, or blocked from moving, even a frostbite slowed target will probably be out of range after it triggers it.

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