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  1. Question: Are you going to change how premium pets work. The gamble part is holding me back to buy them.
  2. Question: Are you going to change how premium pets work? To make it more fair instead of just gambling.
  3. I still don't know what the difference is between an legendary pet and a normal pet. Can somebody explain it to me?
  4. When you guys release more premium skins for hero's. Do you all so have to buy additional part for gems to get full access to the skin just like the farmer skin?
  5. I am really sad with this decision. The skins are looking awesome and I was about to buy some of the pet skins. Now I am hearing that the rarity affects the stats, I am not going to buy a premium egg until they changed the system. I understand you don't want have pay2win but now they let us gamble ( with real money) to get a descent pet with the rarity we want. This just looks like money grabbing and I think and hope it is unintentional. The few solutions I can come up with are: When you transform a egg in a premium egg it will be the highest rarity. The downside is that it is a little bit pay2win but you still can get legendary eggs the normal way. Besides the premium eggs are not stronger then the regular eggs. at least we are not wasting real money on crappy pets. let us apply the skin to our pets just the way we can apply customs to our characters. I don't know if it is possible and if it would make sense.On the other hand some of the costumes also doesn't make sense :P Let us transform the pet instead of the egg. So we know what the pet is we are transforming then it is our own choice if we choose to transform a crappy pet.
  6. What is the difference between a legandary premium pet and a non legendary premium pet? Does it change the look in of the skin? Does legendary have the possibility to have highter stats, even after reroll? I am confused
  7. I don't think that pet can Evolve, only certain pets are able to.
  8. What is the difference between a legendary skin and a non legendary skin?
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