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  1. not sure if serious but its good to hear so many positive responds on this thread. tehe!
  2. Its a game call Guild Wars 2. The range need some sort of initiative to continue fire his big hurt shot and the thing i love the most about that game was the prolong of each fight. It make everything fun! Gettting 1 shot is not cool. enjoy : )
  3. hmmm pasta , bring back fond memory : )
  4. We're going to do a PvP Update early next year that adds a default host option to have everyone pick from pre-created loadouts, rather than use of customized heroes (which will still be an option). And Leaderboards definitely, and some nice rewards. -JerNow that's a good start! I'm so glad to hear that. Just remember to listen to those that want your game to strive and not the other way around. Allowing players to use their god mode pve gears was the worst idea ever because you seperate players with good gears vs players that just wanna test out their class without getting destroy in one
  5. wow forum is still the same the day i left, attention *****s and ignorance trolls bashing the OP for making good points. Stop sucking up the dev. They probably make more money than you can imagine and I'm sure they can hire more people. DD was like on the top 10 best seller on Steam for a week. That's a lot of sales! I know Trendy doesn't test their game when they flop my last features i hope it would success but it failed horribly and the feature was CTF. It was so unbalance and lame. I guess sticking with pve where every players full time job in real life is to play with themselves
  6. The demo did the trick for me to buy this game. I thought it was a slash n slash game at first but it end up being a tower defense which i like it even more afterward but once this game has burn out i'm playing Skyrim. (tower builder class - the summoner lolx)
  7. everything should be manual in this game, including huntress unless you want an Ez mode spoon fed ya.
  8. squire, app, and monk = consider tower builder huntress = mobile mop that clean up the mess that got left over by the towers builder in other word you need other class to be effective in this game even when you're playing by yourself. Oh other important thing. Huntress require no DU. You just pew pew your way and tower builder get all the credits. Da end.
  9. Can you stop spaming your video ...why its because they all have something to do with DD? speaking of video, here is me mastering the squire on the first day of release. Good time! where is yours? I'm guessing you don't even know how to make a video ...
  10. Game like Skyrim and since i love my squire i tend to make build that reminiscence to DD. For example, i would make a summoner build where I would summon a beast as my tower and i pick a tank compansion for that extra tower defense instead of using sword and shield like 99% of the population :) [video=youtube_share;HPlo0SinqIg]http://youtu.be/HPlo0SinqIg[/video]
  11. Who are you again?the guy that would rip you apart like butter in ctf... to bad he didn't advocate using a flat rate stats set in ctf instead of using pve gear or the pvp would last longer. Oh well its always fun seeing you own it up Sunneh. I'm having fun playing Skryim atm, you can say that i want tons of content after i 'm done with DD : D
  12. like they said "your pain their pleasure" its all in us lolx
  13. its sad that most people dont play ctf... its rare to find a pvp game going onyea i wonder why its sad that those people stopped playing after 3 days of CTF released.
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