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  1. To add my own idea on what DD1 should have: You're already adding something from DDE come next update, so why not also add the Dyes and armor/costume/accessory coloring mechanic as well? I absolutely loved that about DDE, to the point where I occasionally go back to the game just so I can "feel pretty" lol
  2. To be honest, I'm indifferent for most of these ideas (yes, even the pets). Though, it would be nice to see Soul Focuser to get a revamp or re-issue. For such an incredibly fun weapon, it's maximum damage is absolutely pitiful. Just add it to the drop charts of some much harder maps, problem solved. For the armor sets, though, I am full to the brim with possible ideas. Like, a ninja armor set that when equipped all at once grants a cooldown ability to ignore all damage and phase through enemies like a summoner. Maybe also when put on a monk already using the ninja costume, make it overwrite
  3. Better a late reply than none at all? My bad. Thanks for the heads up. I'm guessing the live version's list won't be shown anymore with CDT Update 2 in beta?
  4. I've never had any problems with DD1 before. Ever. When I switched to the Beta branch, however, I find I'm never able to join anyone else's room. Nobody ever joins my games either, but that might just be due to the very odd names I give them. What happens is, I click Custom Match, scroll to someone around my level, click join game, and right after the usual loading, I see blackness. Sometimes the cursor is also there, and sometimes I also hear sounds form the game I failed to join, but always there is just a black screen and hitting Escape does nothing at all. I have to Alt+Tab and force crash
  5. Beautimus. But, how would you do a physical mage?
  6. YES It shares the name, and is part of the same franchise. It has happened, and will happen again. That is how humans do. Learn to deal with it. A perfectly valid point, but unfortunately, this is the internet. Valid points get largely ignored... If you want to help steer a game in the right direction, the development phase is exactly where you should not take a break. At least not from the forums, or whatever feedback media they use. I myself am very unhappy with where the game is going, but I find it redundant to complain about things that many people are very loudly complaining about
  7. Totally a Moonbase screenshot, what are you talking about.
  8. Star Destroyer I don't think it would fit...
  9. Banana Shoes! I miss the Jon and Arin days of Game Grumps...
  10. Banned for having a super adorable Momiji.
  11. Stop killing the thread. You are fired! lol Summoner is always the right choice. Paladin or Crusader?
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