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  1. Two weeks ago, I posted this thread: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?31560-Make-UMF-More-Accessible In it, Trendy claimed they would make tower specs not useless in UMF, which at the time was the only way of obtaining worthwhile gear. This was back during early 7.12. UMF is still inaccessible, tower specs are still useless, I still get kicked out of anything that isn't the same insane mix mode survival ****fest that made me leave this game in the first place. Glad to see Trendy apparently only cares about selling DLC. Well... first, this was a Tower-Defense game. Then the her
  2. what is the difference between casual and hardcore? generally? Time available... Those who are sitting in mom's basement and can generally play 10+ hours per day are considered hardcore Those who work during the day and then have 3-4 hours in the evening after they've come home, they are considered casual at least in my book
  3. ok i find a solution: Buy full pack as a gift and send that to yourself. Unpack and nightmare mode is aviable. Now i try to ask refound to steam... That's not a solution, but whatever. Good luck with your refund anyway /wave
  4. Pardon me, maybe I'm doing something wrong... but all I see in Steam is Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part 1 DLC for 3.99EUR. No mention of any pack anywhere... Go to the home page of the Store and then click on Dungeon Defenders under 'new releases' and you will see the option to pre-order the bundle. If you go to the DD Store Page, you will only see part 1 DLC in the list of downloadable content
  5. Then why do you think I posted it on these forums? Common sense isn't one of your strong sides is it? When you buy a Volkswagen car from a dealer and you are not happy with the car, do you complain to VW themselves? It's the same thing you are doing here... Trendy only produces their product, Steam sells it. Trendy can't help you with any purchasing issues. I'm sure if you use the search function, you'll find quite some threads about this issue
  6. It's funny don't you think? Yesterday this thread got spammed with people saying 'oh, you are too poor to pay 4?' and stuff like that. There was only me and a very few in this thread who thought the DLC's were overpriced for the content they provided. Today, the DLC is actually available and the general forum has 5 PAGES full of threads where people complain about the DLC content/pricing :D Also, a lot of them didn't know what was included and were expecting more. So it wasn't all that obvious Finally So yeah... told you so :demon:
  7. good luck with Steam... no refund and no jumping in on extra sales. period. next time learn to read
  8. I told you so Finally I said it yesterday, it's misleading information they gave you. HOWEVER, on the steam description it does say: - a new campagin mission - a new portal challenge mission - a new UMF challenge mission - a new PVP battleground ehm... mission The point is that 'mission' is misused in this context and it makes it misleading. But they clearly give you a content description in the Steam feature description now so you could have known it, learn to read I guess
  9. I find the pricing is ridiculous. Add up the cost of all DLC + the game and look at the price of it. Not a very appealing things for a game that was released not so long ago.. So do I... just wait for a 75% off steam sale and get all DLC's for just 4 $ or €
  10. not meant to be soloed.. Actually, it is meant to be soloed. Stuff gets tougher with more people. Or rather, that's how it was supposed to be... now it is the other way around, making anything impossible to solo unless you have a few lvl 70 char with different builds and at least good gear.
  11. I am pretty convinced that you don't play your own game, or at least not extensively. ofcourse not... would you make a game only to spend weeks in drowsy survival mode? To gear up your char, invest the mana and get yourself ready for the end game content? NO. They go about it the same way that 'hackers' do: they just edit some numbers and voila :-)
  12. KILL IT WITH FIRE! (lightning and poison immune)
  13. From where you hear that each DLC will only has 1 campaign map? Cause I can count at least 6 different scenes WITH CRYSTAL in the IGN trailer (and another unclear 2). If divided it for 4 DLCs, then it would be 2 each + 1 PvP map - make some sense to me. Again, you cannot state something overpriced when it's not even on the shelf yet :| From Xbox people on this forum? And the text from the IGN interview? each DLC has 3 missions and 2 new maps. The Xbox DLC has 1 campaign, 1 challenge and 1 pvp. We just don't know which 'missions' will be played on which map. Who's to say there won't b
  14. Except most developers dont even bother with demos anymore, which is another reason why I APPRECIATE blizzard with allowing players to openly beta test and discuss their games. They dont hide things like most other developers. You're aware that Diablo 3 will NOT have an open beta and even those that do get into the beta only get to play half of act 1? Besides, most games still have demos which you can play, including DD. But I wouldn't know what the content is of that demo, I haven't tried it. Sometimes, these demos are actual demos and sometimes there is some sort of trial/try-before-you-
  15. I usually think about it like this: According to your math (Cuz I was just making some numbers up): it would take 3 upgrades to get from 350 to around 500 (it would be 518). So, now you have 1 gun with around 500 dmg and 72 ups left, while the other only has 70 ups. It's more expensive, but in the end it will be slightly better.
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