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  1. Bacon is best cooked in the oven. It's easier, there is no splattered grease to clean up, and all slices will be evenly cooked to perfection. 1) Line shallow cookie sheet with foil (to capture grease and make for easier cleanup). 2) Lay out bacon making sure slices don't touch (will stick together) 3) Put in oven and set to 400. Hit start. 4) Once oven reaches 400 you should check on the bacon. Thin slices might be done and thicker slices should probably be turned and cooked a few min's more. 5) Once slices are cooked to your preference, remove from oven and enjoy.
  2. What in the world does "Win without losing a sub-objective" mean?
  3. I would agree if you had access to more than 4 hero's at a time from your hero deck...
  4. I suspect the current match making issues are the source of his problem... I can also confirm it works fine on Win 10.
  5. They drop, and higher than 10%. Traded out my 20% for this yesterday from NM2.
  6. If there were hot keys for the different tabs then different cards or since they aren't using the F keys they could use those.
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