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  1. I played through this map today until the 2nd last wave where we got swamped. I loved it. It was a challenge the whole time and it was completely different to any other map currently in the game. But the best thing about it? FREE DLC. What in hell do you think gives you the right to complain about something that is completely free, and in such a rude fashion at that. The fact you paid $15 dollars for this game and you feel so entitled to free updates within the first week that you complain like this is sad.
  2. Will add to my Tavern Suggestions thread shortly if you are ok with that. Sounds like a fun idea but not sure if gambling would change the games rating or other legal mumbo jumbo.
  3. Ahh I see what you are saying now, I sort of skimmed over it quickly the first time. I have the same problem on my Apprentice. I'd like the ability to have a bit more control of the camera or as you say, the ability to see it on the map.
  4. Both classes fulfill the same role, so that's a huge problem. I think that's the crux of the issue right there. Squire and Apprentice should not be filling the same role in my opinion. Squire should have the best blockades and Apprentice should have the best ranged towers.
  5. You can already see the range of the towers when placing them if you have higher graphics settings enabled.
  6. I'm complaining because it's not fun, not because it's impossible. Nothing is fun about brainless repairing for 3+ hours on a map lol. No it's not fun. Survival has some serious issues but your idiotic post full of expletives and abuse of devs and then posters on the thread is not going to help matters at all. By the way 15th wave does not equal last by any means, and calling me an ******* for stating that simple fact is pretty moronic.
  7. There is no 'last wave' on survival mode... it's infinite.
  8. Lightning Tower can have an amazing range/area of effect later on, this allows you to place it so that it covers a couple of paths the mobs will take so it can always be firing at something and can also catch air units without having to build a dedicated tower just to specifically hit them. Plus fact that it is lightning damage is great because it offsets your fireball tower. On top of this the chain lightning can reach pretty much as far as there is mobs. I've had lightning towers set up near the crystal that have gotten kills on stuff in doorways because they chain from the mobs near the cry
  9. this is by far the best char suggestion i have seen here..all the others kinda sound overpowered overbuffed and overrated lol xD personally can't wait to play this char Have you seen my Eternia Golem suggestion yet? If you have read it and think it is overpowered/overrated then I would love your feedback/criticisms why you believe that so I can make changes if need be.
  10. The problem here is that you can mod your unranked characters however you want, meaning you could cheat your way up to the top. Allowing a transfer to ranked allows people to cheat and then switch over, keeping their ill-gotten gains. To be fair the game hasn't been out too long so you wouldn't lose *that* much progress by simply starting out again in ranked. If you have any friends over there already I'd suggest getting them to help power-level you a bit so it's not as much of a loss.
  11. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Thankyou! I did not even think to mention this but it has been annoying me greatly as I don't like to use voice coms. The most annoying bit is when you type your second line of text and it doesn't even send. Graaarrrgh.
  12. The main reason why I think this would be OP is the amount of crowd control. Nerf that a bit and that ought to do it. Also, considering mages already have fire/lightning defenses, maybe it would be wise to change one of the golem's elemental defenses to poison. Crowd control is the name of the game here though, that is one of his key roles because he doesn't have great tower or hero damage. It should also be noted though that his Ground Slam ability takes time to use just like the Apprentice AoE does and his Quake towers have a slow pulse. As for poison damage I do think we need to see a
  13. I hadn't thought about it before but I love it. Players could dump their old items in the guild box and lower level players might find a use for what otherwise would be trash. Not to mention simply being able to find a group of good people to play with regularly.
  14. A taunt is worth thinking about but I don't think it is required for the class to be effective by any means. Just standing out in front of a wave of mobs is enough to get some of them to pay attention to you and you can also disrupt them with your AoE stun. Add to that your blockades which can tank and the fact you can reinforce defenses with a shield gives you a pretty powerful defensive hero, maybe even too powerful. Don't mean to sound rude but this game is not WoW or any other MMORPG out there for that matter. In fact, it labels itself as an 'Online Tower Defense RPG' and not an MMORPG.
  15. Mail idea was sort of more for sending items to players that might be offline. You might find an item that would be great for a friend and send it to them with a nice message or something like that.
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